How much will this proposal cost?

$58,950,000 bond over 25 years. (See ballot language for details)

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Summary of Project Investment by Building

Angell Elementary: $4,476,373
Burton Elementary: $4,862,039
Pattengill Elementary: $4,494,968
Rogers Elementary: $4,451,639
Norup International: $9,456,064
Anderson Middle: $8,015,397
Berkley High: $17,182,885
Avery Building: $3,504,351
Tyndall Center: $2,755,745

Total Projected Cost: $59,199,461
Less Estimated Interest Earnings -$249,461
Amount of Proposed Ballot Initiative $58,950,000

Bond dollars can be used for: construction and remodeling of facilities, purchasing technology equipment, equipment and furniture, site improvements.

Bond dollars cannot be used for: salaries and wages, general operating expenses and maintenance, classroom supplies or textbooks.