Berkley School District Dashboard of Information

Take a look at the Berkley Schools quick facts, listed below.

District Quick Facts

350+ peer mentors support 150+ students with special needs
6 years in a row named Best Community for Music Education
96% BHS Graduation Rate
100% Certified Teachers
91% People would recommend Berkley School District (2017 Survey Data)
1 Only high school in Michigan to offer Calculus III & Syracuse University Freshman Writing Class
13.5% Juniors & Seniors attending Oakland Schools Technical Campus
72% 8th/7th graders taking at least 1 high school course (on average)
100% 5th graders experience specialized music (band, orchestra or choir)
300+ 5th graders experience winter camp together each year
1 only district in Metro Detroit w/ 100% school participation in Girls on the Run YMCA Program
$8,029 Per pupil funding
$2.56 million in Fund Balance (June 30, 2016)
$671,632 Sinking Fund Dollars
$243,067 Spent in Professional Development 2015-16