Berkley School District Technology Vision Statement

We will develop a plan to maintain up-to-date technology and on-going staff development to enhance instruction, operations, and communications for students, staff, and community.

Technology in Berkley Schools

The Technology Plan supports the district mission to “guide, encourage and support each and every learner” by placing a strong emphasis on building technology infrastructure that will support the work of all students and staff in the district, and by making a variety of technologies readily available to all. Many schools within the district have also pursued initiatives to increase student and staff access to technology in order to improve their overall offerings.

Pattengill Elementary added a cart of iTouches to our Title I program. Students who struggle to meet grade level expectations in language arts and/or math use the iTouches to engage in independent practice using a variety of Apps at all grade and ability levels. Students are highly engaged by the iTouches and classroom teachers and intervention support team members can check out iTouches for any of our Title I eligible students.

One Pattengill fifth grade classroom uses a one-to-one iPad which started in late February 2013. The classroom is equipped with wireless Internet access, a 30 iPad cart, wireless printer, and ceiling mounted projector. Students' individual iPads are loaded with numerous Apps from all four core subject areas as well as educational tools. The teacher and students use their iPads for almost every classroom activity and have greatly lessened the amount of paper used in the classroom. A plan is being developed to incorporate a home component to this program.

The Pattengill PTA funded new furniture including tables and ergonomically enhanced chairs for their computer lab redesign which enhances the learning for students.

At Rogers Elementary, technology advancements include the purchase of a Title I iPad cart with a MacBook Pro Computer, the installation of a SMART Interactive Projector in every classroom was completed in the summer of 2013 and the purchase of 30 new Dell All-In-One computers for the school’s lab. The iPad cart has increased students’ interest in learning and has been used by our after-school math club, the building support teachers, and learning specialist. Having the variety of iPad Apps focusing on the foundations of math/reading allows teachers and students to collaborate in new and innovative ways.

The installation of SMART Interactive Projectors and SMART Notebook software in every classroom at Rogers helps to establish a learning culture which supports engagement and interaction. Teachers can access high-quality learning content from their peers as well as other varieties of sources on Notebook.

The purchase of 30 new Dell All-In-One computers has transformed the computer lab into a place where students cannot wait to attend. The flat panel monitors have increased the much needed desk space. The better processors and memory capabilities have allowed students to move faster and more efficiently in a digital world. Students have been seen using the larger screens to multi-task two windows while completing research. This reliability has allowed our teachers to feel confident that everything will work correctly when they require it to. In addition, having the updated computers with the larger screens were very beneficial during the Smarter Balanced Assessment Pilot with our 4th grade students. Each student receives 30 minutes per week of lab time with the media specialist with focused teaching on essential computer skills. Teachers were also allowed to sign-out the lab for weekly computer time for their classes.

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