Tech Purchasing

Individual Instructional Technology Purchases

Not a big project, you just need a camera, printer, or 1 computer, etc.

  1. With any tech purchase you need to know what your goal is, and what technology you need to purchase to accomplish that goal.  If you need assistance with this step, contact the Help Desk at 8010.
  2. You need to identify specific hardware, software, or services, find vendors, and get prices.
    • Computers? Contact the Help Desk.  The Tech Dept will get specs and prices on Dell equipment for you.  (NOTE: Due to the costs of ongoing support and software for computers, there are limits on the total number of computers that can be acquired district-wide--we can't purchase more than we can take care of.  If that's an issue with your particular computer request, the Tech Dept. will work with you to try to figure out a way to reallocate or replace existing equipment in order to accomodate your purchase request.)
    • Printers or scanners? Shop for HP.  Contact the Help Desk for vendor and pricing resources.
    • Something on the network? A networked printer, for example, or software that must be installed on a server?  Contact the Help Desk.  The Tech Dept will evaluate the item with regard to compatibility with our systems, resources required for implementation, and on-going manageability.
    • Cameras?  Always check the REMC site for pricing.
    • Voice amplification products? See below
    • Software? Check the REMC site, Ed Resources, or Creation Engine for pricing.  Contact the Help Desk for help determining whether or not the software will run on the computer you want to use with it.
  3. Do you have sufficient space, appropriate furniture, available data jacks, enough electrical capacity, etc.?  If you need help evaluating these infrastructure needs, call the Help Desk.
  4. You need funds.  A purchase order must be processed.  Check with the supervisor of the funding account to find out who will process the P.O.  Have your item (printer, camera, scanner, for example) shipped to the Tech Dept with your name on it.  When it arrives we will inventory the item and make a work ticket to schedule delivery and set-up.

A Big Project

Do you want a new software application on the network, or you are planning on knocking out walls and redesigning areas with computers, etc.

Call the Help Desk!  The tech aspects of your project will then be assigned to an appropriate Tech staff member.

The four items outlined above apply.  Additionally, a project needs a manager.  When you call we'll want to know who's in charge of this project, i.e., who's ensuring good communications with all staff and vendors involved, who's responsible for seeing that funding is in place, etc.

What Budget Pays for What?

The Tech Department accounts are generally used to maintain, repair, upgrade, and replace primary computers in classrooms, labs, and offices.  Primary computers are the main classroom computer in each classroom, the computers in Innovation labs attached to the LMCs, and the computers at secretary, administrative and custodial workstations.  The Tech Department accounts also:

  • maintain, repair, upgrade and replace network electronics, fiber, and ethernet in the existing network structure;
  • maintain, repair, upgrade and replace existing phone system electronics and handsets;
  • maintain, repair, upgrade and replace existing video distribution system components, and related TVs and VCRs;
  • maintain, repair, upgrade and replace existing installed sound field amplification systems in classrooms;
  • purchase software licenses and maintenance contracts for the network,  Skyward modules, WebDesk, Destiny (the library system software), Microsoft Office and Windows operating system across the district;
  • maintain, repair, upgrade and replace networked black and white laser HP printers
  • maintain, repair, upgrade and replace various other items that keep the district systems functioning. 

There's an umbrella plan for upgrades, with a very general time line.  Within that, expenditures are made based on convergences of needs, opportunities, and the availability of funds at any given time.

 The following items will generally fall to building or other accounts:

  • desktop computers that aren't "primary" (see description above)
  • laptop computers
  • printers not part of the networked printing system (see description above)
  • cameras, scanners, projectors, and other peripherals
  • flash drives, CDs, and other removeable media
  • consumables like toner and ink cartridges, paper, projector bulbs, etc.
  • software for specific curriculum or instruction
  • software for specific administrative use
  • tech costs resulting from moving staff, or adding programs or services (these costs are often shared by various departments;  the Tech budget primarily addresses maintaining the functions, services, and systems that we currently have)
  • costs that arise from abuse, neglect, or loss of equipment or software