Berkley High School Profile

Berkley High School  is nestled in a residential and small business community, located in Oakland County.
Our 4,800 district students come from Berkley, Huntington Woods and the north portion of Oak Park.


Marla Krasnick, class of 2014 valedictorian is attending Tulane University as salutatorian,
Ian G. Miller, will be attending Drake University. 


This class of 2014 was accepted at Tulane, Duke, Miami University, and the University of Alabama to name a few out-of-state institutions. Students plan to major in a wide variety of studies including: Viola Performance, Economics, Actuarial Science, Physics, Film, Neuroscience, Education, Aviation, Writing, Nursing, Mortuary Science, International Politics and Environmental Engineering.


In-state, college acceptance rates (of those who applied) were also excellent with 71% at UM, 86% at MSU, and 100% at Kalamazoo College.




Depth and Breadth of Curriculum:

A total of 268 students took 505 Advanced Placement tests in 2013. Many upper classmen dual enroll at one of the many colleges / community colleges in our area. In addition, approximately 30% of our Seniors attend classes at CASA (Center for Advanced Studies and the Arts), and OSTC (Oakland Schools Technical Campus).



Scholarships & Awards:

The Class of 2013 was awarded over 4.25 million dollars in scholarships and financial aid. There were also admission offers from Georgetown University, Vassar College, Notre Dame, University of Pennsylvania, Westminster College, Oberlin College, University of California Berkeley, Tulane University, and Rutgers, just to name a few.