The Berkley Education Foundation was founded in 2000 as the fundraising arm of the Berkley School District.  Our purpose is to help maintain and enhance educational opportunities and programs for Berkley students.


The state of Michigan is having difficulty managing their budget and has been consistently cutting funds to education.  Until there is a significant change in the funding structure for schools, all Michigan public schools will continue to struggle with the tough decisions necessary to ensure a balanced budget, as required by law.  Our district needs your help NOW more than ever


We realize you receive many requests for donations, yet we hope you will put education on the top of your list.  We are appealing to all parents and community members to donate to “DOLLARS FOR THE DISTRICT”.  We need your help investing in our district for the future of our children.  Please consider giving a dollar a day ($365) or $100 per student in your household.  Whether it is $50, $250, $1000 or somewhere in between, we need you to make this worthwhile investment!  The money raised will go towards maintaining existing programs and is guaranteed to go directly back into the classrooms.  From academics to arts, music to math, social studies to science.  All students will benefit.



To make a donation:
• Write a check to the Berkley Education Foundation. Mail it to BEF, 14700 W. Lincoln, Oak Park, MI 48237
• Use your credit card – visit the BEF's donation page HERE
 to make a one-time donation or set up a monthly deduction/withdrawal. 

Your gift to the Berkley Education Foundation is 100% tax deductible to the extent of the law.



BEF Donation & Employee Payroll Deduction Form