Photo Gallery

1958-59 Basketball Team

Front row: Jim Leto, Fave Conrad, Fred Borland, Ken Scheffer, Bob Klessig, Bob Gould
Middle row: Bob Lammy, Jeff Clark, Les Shires, Bill Simpkins, Larry Becker, Sam Hezlep, Larry Eagle (manager)
Back row: Bob Jones, Paul Wirebaugh, Dennis Guy, Phil Krumm, Norm Reynaert, Paul Singer, Lloyd Irving (coach)

Record : win - 6; loss - 4

1959 Baseball Team

Front row: Den Jenner, Dave Barkell, Bruce Robinson, Hank Prudhomme, Bob Klessig
Middle row: Fred Bourland, Paul Singer, John Lampela, Conrad Miller, Dave Burnett
Front row: Norm Reynaert, Ken Schaeffer, Billl Simpkins, Paul Wirebaugh, Lloyd Irving (coach)

Record: win - 3; loss - 3; tie - 1

Students at Formal Dance sitting at table. Boys are in suites and girls are in dresses

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