BHS LMC Information, Pictures


LMC Hours:  Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 4:00

Open during lunch Wednesdays
( Friday lunch = BookBreak! )

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No open beverages allowed; bottled beverages, including water, are okay.
No food is allowed.
Rules in the Student Planner and Student Code of Conduct rules are enforced.
No disruptive behavior.
No games or school-inappropriate web sites.

Checking out materials

All LMC materials may be checked out for three (3) weeks.
All LMC materials may be renewed (checked out again) up to three (3) times

Overdue fines & lost LMC items

Overdue fines are charged for late LMC items:
     5 cents per day -- 25 cents per week, maximum fine of $2.00 per overdue item.
Students who have lost LMC books or items must pay the price of the item.
Students must clear all fines and fees before graduation.

Tips for happy checkouts

  • Keep track of LMC due dates.
  • Return LMC items as soon as you are done with them to the LMC book return slot.
  • Renew (check out again) items. You do not need to have the book with you.
  • Don't let others use your name to check out LMC items.
  • Don't lend LMC items to others. Make them check out materials in their own names.
  • You do not need to have fine money when you return late items, you may pay later.

BHS LMC pix from the past

BHS LMC construction pix