BSD Log-in (Schoology, Google, MiStar)

Your login info is the SAME for:
a) Schoology
b) BSD email
c) BSD Google account
d) MiStar student portal


BRK Last Name, First Initial, 2 digit MIStar# 
Note: not case sensitive, no commas, no spaces. 
Get your MI Star# from your teacher, counselor, or parent MiStar account

TEMPORARY PASSWORD  (works 1x only) =
First initial first name (cap letter), first initial lastname, 6 digit birth date (2,2,2)
(You must set a new, permanent password... go to tinyurl,com/berkleypw)

Example for John Doe, MI Star #43, born on September 27, 2005
  User Name:
  Temporary Password:  Jd092705


Problems? Forgot your password?  Locked out?  See Mrs. Terbrack in the LMC or have your teacher call the Oakland Schools Help Desk #248.209.2060