Having trouble with Schoology?

Quick Fixes:

  • Close and restart your browser
  • Restart your computer
  • Turn off bluetooth on the device

Browser Suggestions:

Use a web browser (Chrome or Firefox) and not the Schoology App

Passwords and Logins:

Make sure you are using the Berkley Schools login page and not the generic one: https://berkleyschools.schoology.com/login/ldap?&school=2704370881

Need your MISTAR password reset?  Please email Mrs. Terbrack (jacqueline.terbrack@berkleyschools.org) to have it reset.

Once your password has been reset to the default, make sure you change it (tinyurl.com/berkleypw), write it down and wait 10-15 minutes prior to logging back into Schoology. Your new password must have a capital letter, a number, and a special character (like a ! or $ or .) Schoology will not accept the default password.

Still having issues with Schoology? 

Please fill out the District Help Form found at the bottom of this website


Zoom tips:

  • Make sure zoom is updated on your computer (it does not do this on it's own. You have to go into the drop down menu and update manually)
  • If having trouble with internet connection issues (freezing, dropping zoom call, lagging, etc) try having everyone in the house disconnect from wifi on their phones and computers if not in use. 
  • Connect directly to modem with an ethernet cable for best internet outcome.
  • Leave extra time (10 minutes) before class to log in and connect. Waiting to the last minute and then having a laptop launch updates or zoom updating can be very frustrating.