Gunpowder Empires Research Project

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Rubric (handout)
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Your textbook: World History

Overview Articles 

Britannica  Tip: good for general information


Gale Virtual Reference Library Tip: enter name of your country/group in the Search Box 

Country studies from Library of Congress Tip: download as text; Ctrl + F to search for key terms
  Japan (Ming Dynasty, Shoguns)
  Persia (Iran)
  Turkey (Ottoman Empire, Safavid Empire)
  India (Mughal Empire)
  Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
  No England

Fordham University Internet history Sourcebooks

Google books  Note: contents may be limited

Web sites

Best of History Web Sites
Note: Ancient/Biblical History, European History

History Channel
Note: Ancient History, British History

HyperHistory Onlin
Note: hyperlinked timelines, short articles; good for locating events in history

History of China: Imperial Era III   

British History Online    

China Research (History Link 101)

Mughal India (British Library)
Note: relics, culture, history

Ottoman Souvenir
Note: relics, maps, architecture of the Ottoman Empire; not so much history

Shogun House

Search engines

Tip: use precise key words
(ex: Safavid Empire economy
not What kind of financial systems did they have in ancient Turkey?)

Google Advanced Search

Google Scholar

MeL databases search engine    


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