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December 15, 2017
Pilgrims to Parades
Zoe Zaltz ’21, Website/Social Media Director

Zoe Zaltz compares the first Thanksgiving at Plymouth Rock to present day Thanksgiving.

December 15, 2017
Spirit Week
Olivia DiCarlo ’19, News Editor

Olivia DiCarlo highlights Berkley High School's exciting spirit week.

December 15, 2017
ThanksGIVING: BHS Gives Back During the Month of November
Katie Radner ’20, Entertainment Editor and Kailey Macdonald ’19, Staff Writer

Katie Radner and Kailey Macdonald give an overview of the charitable events BHS held during the month of November.

December 15, 2017
World AIDS Day
Chloe Halprin '18 Copy Editor

Chloe Halprin writes about a day that is dedicated to rasing awarness for AIDS, World AIDS Day.

December 12, 2017
Freshman Survival Guide
By Graham Colvin `21, Assistant Sports Editor

BHS Student Graham Colvin makes a Freshman survivial guide on how to survive your freshman year at BHS.

December 12, 2017
Increased acceptance for interracial couples at BHS
Chloe Halprin ’18, Copy Editor

Chloe Halprin writes about increased acceptance for interracial couples at BHS.

December 12, 2017
Organization: The Key to Success
Zoe Zaltz ’21, Social Media and Website Director

Zoe Zaltz explains why organization is an important tool and how to stay organized. 

December 12, 2017
Powderpuff Flag Football
Olivia DiCarlo, News Editor ’19

Berkley Junior Olivia DiCarlo inverviews BHS students about their expierence at Powderpuff, a flag football game for female BHS Juniors and Seniors. A very exciting game.

December 12, 2017
The Hurricane Epidemic: Maria, Irma, and Harvey Hit the South
Wendy Klunk ’20, Assistant Student Life Editor

Wendy Klunk calls attention to three major hurricanes that hit down south in early fall.

December 12, 2017
Tips to get through the college application process
Alana Doctoroff ’18, Hot or Not Editor

Berkley Senior Alana Doctoroff explains the college application process and gives some great tips.

December 11, 2017
Backpacks: The Weight on Our Shoulders
Matthew Doctoroff ’21, Assistant Student Life Editor

Matthew Doctoroff interviews BHS students about their backpacks, asking them to discuss the benefits and deficits of carrying all their school supplies in one heavy pack.

December 11, 2017
Healthy Minds, Healthy Lives: Sources of Strength Program Introduced to BHS
Wendy Klunk ’20, Assistant Student Life Editor

Wendy Klunk focuses on national organization, Sources of Strength, while they visit BHS to teach students how to create a positive school community.

Harry Potter at Berkley
Katie Radner ’20, Feature Editor

Sophomore Katie Radner shines a spotlight on a new English elective at BHS. 

December 8, 2017
Military Appreciation Day
Isabel Zaltz ’21, Assistant Opinion Editor