Welcome to Burtonbery 2020!

We are excited to introduce our Burtonbery reading program for 4th and 5th graders! This program is completely voluntary and includes some exciting opportunities for students. Here’s how it works.

In November, interested students are given a list of 20 books that are considered potential Newbery winners. The books cover a wide variety of genres, formats, and reading levels. Students who choose to participate will have until early March to read and complete the Google form about each book. Students who read at least 5 books by March 6th, 2020 will be invited to participate in a March Madness-style bracket voting to choose our “final four.” Students who read at least 10 books will be invited to be on a “Selection Committee” to help pick our Burtonbery winner! Participation in the Burtonbery program is optional and reading is in addition to work that may be assigned by their classroom teachers.

Burtonbery Book Summaries

You can view the Google Slides presentation on Burtonbery here at any time!

Click here to view short summaries of all 20 books!