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PTA General Meeting Minutes September 2017

Media Center
September 5, 2017
7:00 PM

Meeting was called to order at 7:00.

June General Meeting Minutes approved. (Sarah Rusk made motion, Sarah Roth
seconded, all in favor).



Vice President – Sarah Mountain:

  • Fun Run is Friday, Oct. 6.
  • Lots of information will be coming home in backpacks on Friday.
  • Friday is pep rally with the kids.
  • Last year’s 4th graders submitted drawings for tshirt design, some were selected.
  • After the pep rally, children will come home with flyers and envelope for donations.
  • Goal for school is is $25,000 (about $50 per student). Only big fundraiser of the year.
  • Donations are flat, not based on amount of laps run.
  • Envelopes due Oct. 11.
  • Schedule on back of pink sheet (to be sent home on Friday) with times for each grade.
  • Shout-outs available.
  • There are still lots of lawn signs available; will be available at Curriculum Night or to pick up from Sarah’s home.
  • Fun event for parents to join.
  • Looking for volunteers to join the committee.

Treasurer – Kim Bernzweig:

  • Membership money has come in. Around $5,500.
  • Got $64 SCRIPP money through Amazon Smile.
  • In new office, there are two PTA cubbies. In Treasurer cubby, reimbursement request form is available. Please submit with receipt
  • It was voted on and passed that we will be switching banks to Our Credit Union in Royal Oak. Kristina K Conti (President) and Kimberly Davis Bernzweig (Treasurer) will be the signers on the account.

Spring Festival – Sarah Rusk:

  • Will get Spring Festival committee together in November/December.

Communications – Gayle Gold:

  • Reminder to make sure all parents are receiving PTA emails and are on Facebook page.

Educational Extensions – Sarah Roth:

  • Assembly coming up this Friday on Relaxation through Music for all kids to give teachers extra time to get classrooms ready, unpack. Assembly is being completely parent-run. Great volunteer participation. Following assembly, kids will be having recess.
  • October 16, 6:30 – 8:00 PM is Family Night. Great opportunity to bring whole family. Looking for one more person to help on that committee. Only twice a year.
  • Looking for someone to shadow Sarah to help plan assemblies.

Teacher Appreciation – Patrick Lancaster:

  • Next Thursday, Welcome Back breakfast for staff. Looking for volunteers to help.
  • Looking for someone to shadow Patrick and take over position next year.

Member at Large – Heather Bhagwan:

  • • Scripps program provides small ways that add up and bring in money for Burton:
  • Amazon Smile
  • Kroger (must link once a year to Burton)
  • Holiday Market (you have to buy gift cards)
  • Hollywood Market
  • Toyology gives 20% back to Burton. Must tell them at checkout. Just can’t use coupon with it if you’re donating to Burton.

• Box Tops also bring in a decent amount of money (10 cents a box top). Please trim
along dotted line.

Principal – Beth Krehbiel:

  • Welcome back to school.
  • School is in good shape. Still contractors working “second shift.” Very happy that things came together. Children were very excited.
  • Grand Re-Opening will be held on October 17 (Tuesday) at 6:00 PM.
  • Staff news:
  • Courtney Emery got engaged.
  • Lauren Rentrop has completed surgery and chemo and will be back 10/2.
  • Stacy Reynolds induced tomorrow. She’ll be out for 6 weeks. Meghan Pugh is subbing for her.
  • • Curriculum Night is October 13:
  • 1st Grade: 5:30 – 6:15 in Media Center
  • 2nd Grade: 6:20 – 7:05 in Media Center
  • 3rd Grade: 6:20 – 7:05 in classes
  • 4th Grade: 7:10 – 7:55 in Media Center
  • 5th Grade: 7:10 – 7:55 in classes
  • Fun Run on 10/6. Students who donate will receive 2 wristbands. Rain date – 10/13.
  • New landscaping outside. Got soaker hoses. Would like to get sprinkler system.
  • Will approach Men’s Club to see if they’d consider for Auction.
  • School is nut-sensitive. On Wednesday, Beth will talk to classrooms about what this entails. Students will come home with magnet reminding you not to bring anything with nuts. If you send a sunbutter sandwich, please indicate on baggie. For now, things that are processed in a facility with nuts are allowed.
  • Beth will be asking PTA to fund a few things:
  • bulletin boards for each classroom
  • renewal of IXL (computer generated program as tutorial or enrichment in all
  • subject areas for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders). K, 1, 2 – Reading A-Z.
  • Superintendent had every employee in district read book called “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Carol Dweck, Ph.D. Beth suggests everyone read it.

Teacher Representatives – Mrs. Henry/Mrs. Weiner:

  • Kids were super excited about school improvements.


Spirit Wear – Elyse Cohen:
New spirit wear will be available at Curriculum Night. Two t-shirts, a football jersey
and a hoodie. Forms will be coming home, due on 9/29, checks payable to Burton
PTA. Should have merchandise in by end of October.

School Supply Packets – Danielle Pitcoff:
Shipment was supposed to be delivered today. Now scheduled to arrive Wednesday
between 8:00 and 8:30 AM. Volunteers are scheduled at 9:00 to help sort and
distribute. Need as many volunteers as possible.

Book Fair – Elyse Cohen:

  • Book Fair takes place twice a year – in Fall and Spring.
  • Gym transforms into giant book store.
  • Huge money maker for Burton. We make 50% of whatever we sell. Entirely parentdriven.
  • Will be setting up for Fall Book Fair on October 23. Fair to be held on October 24 (3:30 – 6:00 PM), October 25 (8:00 AM – 8:00 PM) and October 26 (8:00 AM – 8:00 PM). (Takes place during conferences).
  • Will be circulating sign up to get first access to volunteer shifts.

Lice Checks – Michelle Price:

  • First lice check is next Friday.
  • Signup genius will be going out in the next day or two.

Grazyna Cumming – Yearbook Committee:

  • Google Drive for photos; please submit photos throughout school year from various events, classroom activities.
  • You can add all Berkley calendar, Burton calendar to your iCal. Link on Berkley website.
  • Neil Cantor made request for notices at back door. Beth will consider.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM.

PTA General Meeting Minutes October 2017

Media Center
October 3, 2017
8:10 AM

Meeting was called to order at 8:10 AM.

Sarah Rusk moved to approve September minutes. Heather seconded. All in favor.


President – Kristy Conti

  • Thank you notes from Ms. Maliepaard and Ms. Grabowski for assembly the first week of school.
  • PTSA Meeting – starting Saturdays for Success, on October 14. Info on calendar.
  • They added a lego robotics for 4-8 graders. $45. Information is on website.
  • Michigan PTA recommending members call congressmen; info on MI PTA site.

Vice President – Sarah Mountain:

  • Thanks for Fun Run donations. 3rd grade classes are currently raising the most money.
  • T-shirts will be distributed to the students by teachers on Friday.
  • Playing a waiting game with weather. Does not look good for this Friday. Will make that call before Friday. Rain date is 10/13.
  • Lots of volunteers have signed up to help.
  • Wristbands have been popular with the kids.

Treasurer – Kim Bernzweig:

  • Net cash inflows of $3,922.87 for the month of October, leading to an ending cash position of $6,050.80
  • The majority of the net cash income was fun donations for the Fun Run and cash spent is educational support and educational Extensions
  • The balance of net expenditures is our annual insurance dues, samples for Spirit Wear, offset by Membership dues, and scrip net inflows.

Spring Festival – Sarah Rusk:

  • Everything is going well for Spring Festival. Will be starting meetings in November.
  • Still looking for more committee members.

Educational Extensions – Sarah Roth:
On Monday, Oct. 16, 6:30 – 8:00 – STEM Family Night. Robot Garage will be there.
Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader? is back. Looking for parent volunteers to run
stations. Contact Sarah Roth if interested.

Teacher Appreciation – Patrick Lancaster:
Oct. 25 is Teacher Appreciation Dinner between school and conferences. Will be
sending out sign up genius for volunteers.

Member at Large – Heather Bhagwan:
Reminder regarding SCRIPPS program: Target card, Holiday, Amazon Smile,
Toyology (excludes Legos and discounts).

Monica Crowe:

  • Board of Education meeting took place on 9/11. Introduced all new staff. Provided overview of MStep results. Similar to previous years, we ended up in top 7,8, or 9. Powerpoint presentation available. Berkley is doing well. We are far above the state average in all grades, all areas. In terms of district, record high for advanced placement tests. Overview on all things happening in building from the bond. Will follow up next month on legislative front.
  • PSAT scores are better representative of how kids are doing than MStep scores.

Principal – Beth Krehbiel:

  • MStep: 28 school districts in Oakland County, we rank in top 5% of county. The districts that are higher than us are by 1-2 percentage points. The other districts are very large. They have 2-3 times more money coming in from state. More subject matters now in 5th grade. Test scores are not everything. Better indicators in classroom on kids’ achievement than a test.
  • AP tests starting at sophomore year of high school.
  • Thank yous to Monica Crowe for filling in for Rentrop, Heather Bhagwan for filing in for ASD program, Sarah Roth for opening assembly, Patrick for opening breakfast, Megan Pugh for filling in for Reynolds.
  • Rentrop has returned.
  • Stacey Reynolds will be back October 30.
  • Carolyn Evans pregnant and due in March.
  • October 17 at 6:00 PM – Re-Opening Ceremony of school. Board members will be here. Ceremony, ribbon cutting and then tour of different rooms.
  • Still finishing some details of renovation.
  • A/C was great when it was so hot.
  • Lot of assessments going on. State has required testing that has to be done within first 30 days of school. Helpful to know starting points for each child.
  • New 3rd grade reading law.
  • All staff has been trained for active shooter situations. We do not do it with the children. There is a protocol for shelter in place where doors are locked when something is going on in vicinity but not in school. The lockdown we practice in conjunction with HW, Berkley and Oak Park police. Everything is locked down. All new doors are “Columbine doors” that lock immediately (not bullet proof). In office, Patti or Erika have to allow people in. Certain hidden panic buttons. Door from office to building locks from inside. District lock down is on the 17th. Depending on police department, they each have different protocols.

Michelle Price:

  • Can’t get food trucks for Fun Run or conferences.
  • Doing bagels/coffee on Fun Run.

Kristy Conti:

Email from district re: reading.

Teacher Representatives – Mrs. Henry/Mrs. Weiner:

Thank yous for assembly, breakfast, and increased classroom allotment.


Tami Samson:
PTA Membership keeps coming in. Out of 353 families, only 28 remain. Have 92%
membership. We’ll probably get a few more.

Spirit Wear – Jill Ingber/Amy Horwitz:
Deadline was 9/29. Waiting on straggler orders this week and then will be placing

School Supply Packets – Danielle Pitcoff:

  • Thank you for all help.
  • Getting refunded about $350.
  • 266 packets last year, 270 this year.
  • Will be sending survey to see if parents want to continue.

Summary of roles that will be open next year:

  • Book Fair chairperson
  • Cheetah chairperson (available this year)
  • Patron program cochair (available this year)
  • Teacher Appreciation chair
  • Membership chair
  • Edcational Extensions
  • Council Delegate
  • Field Day

Halloween Parade starts at 12:30 on 10/31. Start lining up at 12:15. Goes down Nadine
to Newport to Hart. 6 parents per class maximum.

PTA date for next month is November 8. No school on the 7th (election day).

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 AM.

PTA General Meeting Minutes November 2017

Media Center
November 8, 2017
7:15 PM

Meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM.

Elyse Cohen moved to approve October minutes, Sarah Rusk seconded. All in favor.

President – Kristy Conti

  • Read thank you notes to PTA from teachers for book fair gift cards, increased classroom allotment, staff appreciation dinner.
  • Survey went out today regarding feedback for school supplies.
  • Directory went to print today; available in 7-10 days.
  • Will do survey on it probably in December.

Vice President – Sarah Mountain

  • Fun Run was big success. Raised over $29K in addition to $12K from patron program.
  • Looking for more volunteers for next year.

Treasurer – Kim Bernzweig

  • New bank account at Credit Union – you can give her change without rolling it.
  • Doing great financially with all of the Fun Run money that’s come in. Balance of $61,276.79 in bank.

School Board Observer – Monica Crowe

  • At October Board of Education meeting, there was recognition for a BHS student Elinor Polanski who received a scholarship to the Princeton Ballet School. 1/16 in country, 1/100 in world.
  • Also recognized the district’s custodial/maintenance team for all their hard work and dedication throughout the bond renovation work as well as their daily work in the district. Mr. McDavid expressed gratitude for all the double shifts, holiday weekend work and in many cases 26 consecutive days of work to help make the schools ready for students on September 5th.
  • There was a presentation by Scott Francis, Megan Throm and Jen Wilcox on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
    • Model is students “doing more science instead of learning more science.”
    • Seeing connections between the different areas of science.
    • A more collaborative approach involving higher level critical thinking skills.
    • Illustrates how the scientific method in the real world is a more reiterative process by asking questions and developing and using models.
    • Some district teachers attended the 5 day intensive training at the Next Generation Science Expo.

Spring Festival – Sarah Rusk
Spring Festival Committee is having its first meeting next Thursday, 11/16 at 7:30 at
Starbucks. All are welcome to attend.

Teacher Appreciation – Patrick Lancaster
Holiday luncheon will be in December if anyone has ideas.

Member at Large – Heather Bhagwan

  • Box tops made $488.70.
  • More coming in; please keep clipping.

Principal – Beth Krehbiel

  • Huge sewer back up today. New bathroom for ASD students. It backed up and exploded in new bathroom. It all went into storage room. Covered by insurance. Already have had people out fixing problem.
  • Thank you for staff dinner during conferences and upcoming holiday lunch.
  • Lunch – new policy of eating with class. It ends up being 15 minutes before recess. Lots of complaints but new policy is working nicely. Behavior has improved. Students are eating more. “Free Friday” to sit where they want if they earn it during week.
    • In need of aids for lunch. 1.5 hours to help monitor in lunch room. Might send out sign up genius so people aren’t committing to every week.
  • Stacy Reynolds is back from maternity leave.
  • We’ve gotten a few new students.
  • Lots of parents calling about tours for incoming kindergarten class. May need to add a 4th kindergarten class.
  • Mary Massen works with conscious discipline – talked about things that would be helpful to parents, teachers and kids, connecting families with routines. She has evening workshops – we’ll be inviting TK/K parents in March and April. There is a small charge.
  • School will rerun volunteer form in January. Parents need not fill out again.
  • Military breakfast – school district stepped in to supplement any money. Had 75 veterans participating. For next year, we should see if anyone knows a veteran that could attend.

Teacher Representatives – Mrs. Weiner
Thank you to Patrick for staff dinner during conferences. Thank you to Sarah for
successful Fun Run that ran smoothly.

Book Fair – Elyse Cohen

  • Fall Book Fair – big thank you to volunteers. Book Fair had sales totaling
  • $15,851.64. Burton made over $8,000 from this Fair and raised $886.07 for all for books.
  • Made less than last year. Trying to figure out why – it was the first year in a long time that it was in October. In November people may be buying for holiday gifts.
  • We gave a gift certificate to each individual that comes in contact with our kids.
  • Online and preorders have been delivered.
  • $886.07 of books purchased for library. All of that money will be matched by Scholastic for hurricane relief.
  • Spring Book Fair March 21 and 22. (BOGO)

Spirit Wear – Elyse Cohen

  • Some jerseys were backordered. Arriving soon.
  • Suggestion to offer spirit wear to Rec Center students.

Toyology Programs – Elyse Cohen

  • Kickback program. Made over $2,000 last year for Burton.
  • Normally 20% goes back to Burton. Will be doing one day only for 30% to go back. November 30. Also works online.
  • Gift card for Swag.
  • Creative Arts Studio is doing wax hands event.

Educational Extensions – Sarah Roth
Family STEM Night last month. Kids enjoyed. Reading Family Night in March.

Monica Crowe:
Something will go out looking for parents who are involved in environmental efforts.
Swag Raffle

Meeting adjourned at 7:56 PM.

PTA General Meeting Minutes December 2017

Media Center

December 5, 2017

8:10 AM 

Meeting was called to order at 8:10 AM.

Sarah moved to approve November minutes, Beth seconded.  All in favor.

Online directory: Was sent out to people—we thought this was a test by the company, but it was not. We currently have 40 percent acceptance rate. You can go on and opt out, but if it’s public, it is only public to the school.

Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams—shining lights at Beaumont hospital. Every grade is making an effort to go—happening throughout December.

Caring and Sharing-need more volunteers ---packing items and taking it over to the high school-Friday afternoon—Liz Capuano is coordinating efforts so be in touch with her if you can help.

Noodles restaurant—giving 50% back to HW teen council tonight.

Introduction of Mary Jo Israel—she is on the School Board and she is the Burton Liaison to the Board this year—her contact info is in the directory and online. They are responsible for policy and budget.

Monica Crowe -Illuminate is a warehouse of all our data—so teachers and admin can generate reports on each kid. Keep track of all the different assessments going on, etc. The staff are training themselves so that everything is streamlined into Illuminate. Program was formally adopted last year. Some concerns were expressed at the high school about behavior at school dances—the high school is working on this and has solutions in terms of chaperones.

Sarah Rusk (Spring Festival)—coming in June. First mtg was last month. Jan 16th is the next mtg if anyone wants to help. They are looking for some Dad Bands—let her know if you know of any.

Gayle Gold (Communications) – format for the bird’s nest is changing. Streamlining all the info. No longer thanking every single volunteer—room moms don’t need to make a volunteer list. We also try and post on the Burton PTA Facebook group—it’s closed and everything is private.

Patrick Lancaster (Teacher Appreciation Committee) – Holiday luncheon is on the 20th. Every family needs to cut out a snow flake and write a thank you on it. Want to decorate the place where the teachers are going to be eating. They need to be brought in by Dec 18th. Will send out an email to the room moms so they can explain and distribute the info to families.

Maribeth Krehbiel –

  • punch list from construction is almost finished. Moving on to the wishlist. The wishlist is being priced out.
  • 2 in-school field trips---acapella and bell choir from high school are coming to perform and the Casa dancers are coming to put on a show.
  • there is a teacher shortage across the country. Even bigger shortage of subs. Moved from PESG—a company that is a third party that hires out subs, and they have hired a permanent sub. Emily Neff is going to be the one for the Burton building. She will be here in the building to support all classrooms. She can also go to another building as necessary.
    • cameras around the building aren’t working at the moment—the network is down but the company is sending someone to come and fix it.
  • Kathy Valentine will be out soon for foot surgery.
  • Feb 3rd-Off to the Races. They are seeking additional sponsors. There is also a silent auction.
  • Tyndell Center is going to be the board office for the district.
  • Avery is going to be the early child care center.
  • Central registration is going to be moving into Burton just temporarily until their building is finished.
  • camp storer is coming up—they come and talk to the parents and fifth graders. Tons of High school students who want to come and be a counselor at camp. There will be an admin. at camp.
  • Anticipating a very big crop of kindergarteners. Will likely need four sections of K and a TK.
  • January 17th 6:30pm Kindergarten info night will be happening at individual buildings and then if you’re interested in school of choice-it is on the family to visit that school. This way the families can see the building. May have some 5th graders who can come and talk about the Burton experience.
  • Monthly sign up genius is coming about lunch help and volunteers—always short staffed at lunch and need as much help as possible.

Spiritwear—there was a few backorders but items are coming.

Field Day-Melissa needs more committee members, esp. people that will take over the job. Fifth grade party will be fundraising in January.

Burton made over $300 on Toyology night.

8:55am- mtg adjourned.

PTA General Meeting Minutes January 2018

Media Center

January 9, 2018

7:00 PM


Approval of Minutes

-Sarah Mountain moved to approve last month’s minutes, someone seconded.  All in favor.

Officer Reports

  1. President Kristy Conti
  • Thank you notes from Mrs. Grabowski, Ms. Terbrack for holiday luncheon.
  • Off To the Races is 2/3 at Club Venetian.  Fundraiser for the Berkley Education Foundation.  They do horse racing.  All info on Berkley website.
  • Founders Day is 2/27 at O’Mara’s.
  • Notice from MI PTA about opposing senate bills regarding carrying guns in school.  Can provide feedback on website.
  • Bench made of plastic bottle caps from last year is on playground.
  1. VP: Sarah Mountain
  • Founder’s Day – every school honors an educator, support staff member and PTA member of year.  Selected by votes.  Email going out tomorrow with google doc.  Votes are due by 1/31.  Will be looking for people to write letters in support of honorees.

Council Delegate: Patrick Lancaster

  • Kristy Conti reported that she attended Presidents-only meeting.  Very short.

School Board Observer: Monica Crowe

Board of Education Meeting Summary:  December 2017

  • The BHS girls cross country team was recognized for qualifying for state finals (the first time in 18 years).  Coach mentioned it’s generally an advantage to have runners that started in middle school.  The runners hit personal records during the state finals.

  • The BHS girls swim team was recognized for making it to the state finals.  Coach:  Scott Shelton.  Rigorous practice schedule:  5:30am practice (1 1/4hr) then afterschool (2 hrs), so an incredible amount of hard work.

  • The district is in the midst of expiring collective bargaining agreements for ABA, BEA, and BESA (the BEA negotiations are a few months ahead of the BESA and the ABA).

  • STEM Presentation by Scott Francis and Megan Throm.  21st Century Skills = Deeper Learning Skills, a need for fostering strong critical thinkers and problem solvers.

    • Our district  shows a 10% growth in advanced-tiered AP enrollment (now offering AP Organic Chemistry, and AP Computer Programming)  Highlighting that “is’s not what you know”, it’s “what you can DO with what you know” (i.e. the ability to APPLY skills across the board).

    • Norup has 2 robotics classes, Anderson has a Robotics class, and there are Elementary schools media specialists providing enrichment after school.

Spring Festival: Sarah Rusk

  • SF Meeting on 1/16 if anyone wants to get involved.

Educational Extensions: Sarah Roth

  • Assembly next Friday during day about teaching kids difference between bullying and teasing.  How to problem solve.  Defeat the Label.
  • March 8 is Family Reading Night from 6:00 – 7:30 PM.

Teacher Appreciation: Patrick Lancaster

  • Still need someone to take over chairing the committee.
  • May be helpful to ask teachers which parents are involved and helpful.

Member at Large: Heather Bhagwan

  • Got box tops check which was close to $500.  Please keep sending them in.
  • Relink Kroger card for new year.
  • Toyology kickbacks.  50 schools participate, Burton is getting the most. $958 coming back.

Principal: Maribeth Krehbiel

  • Hired two lunch aides (Megan and Brenda)
  • Next Monday is MLK event.  Staff working at high school.  Burton was responsible to get stuffed animals, receiving blankets, and throw blankets.
  • Kelly Transit had valve replacement heart surgery in December. Surgery was success but he’s recovering slowly.  Will be home for at least 3 months.  Eric Ryan is subbing.
  • Kathy Valentine is due back from her foot surgery next Tuesday.
  • Hired Emily Nuff as a building substitute to fill in as needed.
  • Next Wednesday is Kindergarten Info Night.  Different this year.  More intimate.  Every building is hosting their own.  Building will be open for tours.  Teachers will all be here.  Students are coming as ambassadors. For TK and K.
  • Some 3rd graders will be in charge of attendance sheets – will give us database of who is coming.
  • Expecting a large kindergarten class.
  • Every 5 years, the district has to be accredited.  Apparently not as intense this year.  All done online.  The accreditation team is coming to Burton the week of 1/29.  If anyone is interested in sharing thoughts with the team, can come on January 30 all morning.
  • BEF granted $5,000 to pay for teachers and supplies for enrichment courses after school or during lunch.  Teachers interested in doing classes that run 4 or 6 weeks in various areas: crochet, sensory, STEM classes.  There is a cap on amount of students for each class.  There are some classes Beth would like to run that they don’t have a teacher for like chess and foreign language.  Trying to find someone to run those.  Thinking those will start February or March.
  • One staff member/parent Amy Smith is dealing with serious health issues.  Her husband was recently diagnosed with ALS.  There is a youcaring.com page raising money for him for medical equipment.
  • 5 minute video on the impact of telling kids they are gifted.  Will post video on Burton PTA.
  • Discussion on Math Pentathlon and how students are selected.

Teacher Representative: Mrs. Weiner/Mrs. Henry

  • Thank you for holiday lunch.

Swag Raffle

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

PTA General Meeting Minutes February 2018

Media Center

February 6, 2018

8:15 PM

  1. Welcome
  2. Approval of Minutes

Elyse Cohen made a motion to approve last month’s minutes, Pam seconded.  All in favor.

  1. Officer/Committee Reports
    1. President: Kristy Conti
      • PTSA Meeting: legislation to allow guns in schools-some schools are opting out of this. The legislation is moving faster than predicted.
      • May 7th  no new increase, possible decrease in tax. Sinking fund—money for repair, maintenance, roof, technology, safety. Won’t be any explanation on the ballot so it’s important to support this and educate people.
      • School board is talking about starting high school at 8:30am.
      • all chairs of committees will be getting an email from Kristy about moving forward—replacements.
    2. VP: Sarah Mountain
  • Founder’s Day-Feb 27th at O’Maras to celebrate our educator, support staff and PTA member of the year. Sarah will be getting information about that evening to them.
  • Count Day on Feb 14th
  • Mid winter break coming up
  • 5th grade camp coming up
  1. Spring Festival: Sarah Rusk
  • June 1st. Spring Festival coming up!
  • There will be a ride for parents to ride as well and Tandye is organizing a mom dance flash mob—a video of the dance steps will be posted on PTA page for anyone who wants can learn the steps and participate.
  1. Educational Extensions: Sarah Roth
  • March 8th Reading Family Night—Camping theme. Reading in tents. Etc. Get high schoolers who are counselors at 5th grade camp might come and do some camp songs, etc.
  1. Principal: Maribeth Krehbiel
  • 97 at Kindergarten Information Night. Looks like a very large class. Registration is going very well.
  • Off to the Races went very well
  • Flu—on the upswing.
  • Mid year assessments going on-drives the plans going forward.
  • Looking to add enrichment classes after school-chess, crochet, some language, etc. Can’t compete with the rec center classes, but there seem to be enough choices that it won’t overlap. There are likely to be a bunch of parents that are interested in these classes.
  • Girls on the Run is coming—starting up in the Spring
  1. Teacher Representative: Pam Henry
  • Bookfair wishlist—the teachers are receiving things that were purchased with scholastic dollars.
  1. Bookfair: Elyse Cohen
  • March Bookfair-buy one get one will be March 20-22. Need lots of volunteers. Cut outs will be sent home. Sign-ups will be going out for the classrooms. Need to talk with the kids about the fact that it is a store.
  1. Spirit Wear: Elyse Cohen
  •  Exceeded budget for now and will do a big one in the fall, no spring spiritwear. Will be having some kids shirts available for purchase at Kindergarten round up.
  1. Good of the Order
  • Emily Baker-Caring and Sharing. She did a great job and brought everything back after not a great year last year. She negotiated great prices on the food that we needed to purchase, etc. 
  1. Meeting was adjourned at 8:56am.