Learning Specialists

Norup International School has four learning specialists.  We support teachers and students in a variety of ways. This includes:

  • assessments
  • assistance with lesson plans and differentiated instruction
  • support of IB units
  • small group instruction
  • computer intervention programs

It is our goal to help every child have a successful learning experience.

Elementary Programs

LLI - Leveled Literacy Intervention is a supplemental intervention that is used with small groups of young children to improve literacy development.  Students will meet five days a week with the learning specialist.

Middle School Programs

Support Classes for sixth, seventh and eighth grade students provides students with academic support in the areas of math and language arts.  

One Learning Specialist is certified to support English Language Learners, along with the assistance of para-educators.

Title 1 Information

Title I is a federally funded program which provides support  in order for all children to be successful learners.  Students at Norup International are assessed to indicate  academic proficiency to determine who would benefit from learning specialist support. This information is also used to aid classroom teachers in planning appropriate and diverse instruction. Those students that qualify for Title I support are "Pre" and "Post" tested yearly to monitor progress.

Norup Learning Specialist Staff