February 15, 2024

Angell 5th Grade Camp Reminders

Camp Reminders

Dear 5th Grade Families,

Camp is less than a month away.   Here are some reminders and a new opportunity to consider.

MEDICATION:  All buildings will collect medications for camp on Monday, March 4th and Tuesday, March 5th.  Medication can be dropped off at your school’s main office before or after school.  We do not want to collect medication on the day of camp as we will be busy getting ready to depart.  We appreciate your cooperation.  Please remember: 

All medications must be in their original bottles. 

All medications must have the dosage indicated.

Inhalers and EpiPens will be collected prior to camp.  Both items will be distributed to your child/cabin counselor at camp.  We have purchased special bags for students to use during camp.  These items will always be in the vicinity of the student in the event of an emergency. 

Please make sure all names are clearly marked on the medication bottles.

If you are sending over the counter medication please make sure those are clearly marked, as well.  Remember, we must follow all dosage recommendations.

LUGGAGE DROP OFF:  On the day of camp (March 6th), student luggage will need to be dropped off at Hartfield Lanes, 3490 12 Mile in Berkley.  Here are the  assigned times for each school:

Angell - 7:15 am

Burton - 7:30 am

Norup - 7:15 am

Pattengill - 7:45 am

Rogers - 7: 30 am

Volunteers are needed to help load the luggage onto the truck. If you are willing and able to help, please get out of your vehicle when dropping off luggage at Hartfield Lanes.

CAMP PAYMENTS:  IF YOU HAVE NOT PAID FOR CAMP - Final Camp Cost:  The cost of camp, as indicated in a prior email, is $100 due to the generous support of our PTA. Payment is due prior to leaving for camp. If you are in need of financial assistance for camp, please reach out to me. Checks can be made out to the Berkley School District.  Digital payments may be made through MISTAR.  Please follow these directions to make online payments through the MISTAR Parent Portal.

Log into MISTAR

Choose the Accounts Tab located in the left hand side bar.

Choose the hyperlink “Click Here to Access Online SBA Payments”.

Choose the School Name 5th Grade Camp option.

Be advised that the following charges will be added to any online payment:  The paypal charge is $0.30 + 3%. The system will take you directly to Paypal to pay and then bring you back to MISTAR to post your payment to your student’s account.
*Please note that if you are unable to pay within the timeline please communicate directly with your building principal as payment plans may be extended, if needed.

PACKING LIST:  Please use the Packing List to organize all the clothing and items needed for camp.  Please note that students may not bring any electronics, including Apple Watches and phones of any kind. This is a good time to make sure you have ALL the winter gear as it will be hard to find in March. Remember that we do not allow any electronics at camp (cell phones, smartwatches, ipads, etc…)

HEALTH FORMS:  Please use our Camp Health Form Link to complete a health form for your child.  This will help us organize all the necessary information to ensure your child has a great experience at camp.  Please complete ASAP!

MAIL:   Fifth graders love mail!  Start thinking about organizing letters and asking important people in your child's life to consider sending letters, as well. If you choose to mail them, you will want to send them out the week before we leave for camp. 

                             Name of Student
                             Name of School
                             Outdoor Environmental Education
                             YMCA Storer Camps
                             7760 South Stony Lake Road
                             Jackson, MI 49201

We will not have access to the Internet while we are gone and will not be able to check our email.  No news is good news!