Scheduling & Course Information for 2020-21 School Year

BHS Virtual Schedules for Fall 2020









OSTC-SE (Royal Oak) campus will be providing virtual instruction only in Fall 2020. 

OSTC classes begin September 8th.

OSTC students can view the Fall 2020 OSTC/BHS schedule PDF Documenthere.  Please visit the OSTC-SE website for additional information.

CASA will be providing virtual instruction only in Fall 2020. 

CASA classes begin August 31st.

CASA virtual schedule:

  • CASA A-hour:      12:15-1:10 PM
  • CASA B-hour:      1:15-2:10 PM
  • CASA C-hour:      2:15-3:10 PM

Please visit the CASA website for additional information.

Information on BHS Courses and Requirements

What classes can I take at BHS?

  • Course Videos:  Brief videos from teachers on every AP, Honors, and elective class (Scroll down all the way to to bottom of this page to view videos!)

What are the requirements you need to take?

Ready to plan?

Do any of your classes require an application?

Be mindful of application deadlines


PDF DocumentDirected Study Agreement
PDF DocumentReduced Schedule Approval Form

Marketing at BHS

Google DocSports & Entertainment Marketing and Advanced Marketing Application


PDF DocumentLINK Request

ADVanced Art at BHS

Google DocPortfolio Application
Google DocAP Studio Art Application (taught at BHS)

Journalism & Yearbook

Google DocSpectator (Newspaper) Staff Application
Google DocYearbook Staff Application

Leadership & Diversity

Google FormsDiversity Council Application 
PDF DocumentStudent Leadership Application 


External LinkOSTC Enrollment Application for 2021-2022 School Year is open!
* Scroll down to OSTC section for more details


Google FormsCASA online application
* Scroll down to CASA section for more details

DUAL Enrollment

Google DocBHS Dual Enrollment Application ​​
* Must ALSO complete application for admissions at college where dual enrolling
** Scroll down to Dual Enrollment section for more details

Oakland Schools Technical Campus (OSTC)

OSTC-SE (Royal Oak campus) will be providing in-person instruction on Mondays & Tuesdays for BHS students beginning November 5, 2020.

  • Online asynchronous curriculum will be offered on non-face-to-face days.
  • Students not able/not comfortable with returning to Face-to-Face learning will not be penalized for the 2nd quarter.  However, it is possible for a student to receive a failing grade if they do not complete the asynchronous work. 
  • Please visit the OSTC-SE website for additional information.

OSTC-NE (Pontiac campus) Cosmetology Virtual Information Night

November 19, 2020 (for current 10th graders only)

Have you ever considered a career as a cosmetologist or hair stylist? Would you like to acquire training in hair care, treatments, cutting, and coloring?  If so – GREAT NEWS – you can begin this training while still in high school!

Oakland Schools Technical Campus Northeast (OSTC-NE) has an excellent Cosmetology program for Oakland County high school juniors and seniors. High school students can earn hours toward the state-mandated 1500 hours of instruction, graduate from high school, and pursue post-secondary education opportunities toward their Cosmetology License from the State of Michigan.

If this program sounds like something you would enjoy and it aligns with your career goals, please plan to attend our Virtual Cosmetology Information Night for interested students and your parents/guardians.

The Cosmetology Virtual Information Night will be held on Thursday, November 19, 2020 beginning at 6:00 p.m. 

  • Zoom link
    • Meeting ID: 925 9008 3118
    • Passcode: 776375
  • Please RSVP by Friday, November 13, 2020 either by phone (248.451.2710) or via email (

Center for Advanced Studies for the Arts (CASA)

CASA will be providing virtual instruction only in Fall 2020.  Virtual classes begin August 31st.

CASA virtual schedule:

  • CASA A-hour:      12:15-1:10 PM
  • CASA B-hour:      1:15-2:10 PM
  • CASA C-hour:      2:15-3:10 PM

Please visit the CASA website for additional information.

CASA information

CASA is a consortium school serving Berkley, Clawson, Ferndale, Lamphere, Madison, Oak Park and Pontiac school districts.  CASA offers sixteen Advanced Placement (AP) courses, a visual arts curriculum and an advanced dance program. 

CASA is located in Oak Park and BHS provides busing for students who attend CASA for hours 5-6 (equivalent to CASA B & C hours).

External LinkCASA website
PDF DocumentCASA Course Catalog

Applying to CASA

Google FormsCASA online application
Google DocCASA Course Offerings & Prerequisites 

CASA Bus information

Bus transports students taking 5-6th hours (B & C hours at CASA) courses

  • Departs from the Sunnyknoll doors at 12:55 PM
  • Returns to BHS Catalpa Main doors at 3:35 PM

Dual Enrollment

Who is eligible to Dual Enroll? 

  • Students who are enrolled in at least one course at Berkley High School. 
  • Students who hold a 3.5 GPA or higher.

What kinds of classes can I take? 

  • Any course that is academically or career oriented.  
  • Any course that is not already available at Berkley High School.  
  • Any class that is worth 2 or more college credits. 

Where can I take Dual Enrollment courses? 

  • Any Michigan college or university that will accept you based on your guest student application.
  • Most commonly attended schools for Berkley High School students are: OCC, Lawrence Tech, Wayne State.

What would my schedule look like at BHS if I Dual Enroll?

  • You will need to be enrolled in a minimum of one class per semester and a maximum of five total classes at BHS. In other words, to be dual enrolled you must drop at least one of your BHS classes.
  • You are responsible for your own transportation. Students must follow the college calendar (spring break, winter break, etc. do not always align with Berkley’s calendar).
  • You are expected to attend college classes whenever they are in session. Students must select a college course that meets outside of school hours.

What is the cost associated with Dual Enrollment?

  • Based on State per pupil funding, in 2019-20 Berkley Schools paid $708.25 per college course. This may change from year to year.
  • If the tuition/fees for your class is more costly than this amount, the student is responsible for paying the difference.
  • The student is responsible to pay for books, lab fees or any other needed materials.
  • The student is responsible for their own transportation. 

Will I earn both College and High School Credit?

  • You will earn high school credit at Berkley and your grade will transfer and factor into your high school GPA.
  • You will earn college credit with whatever institution you study with. However, it will be up to your final college choice (that you enroll in after you graduate) as to whether or not they will accept the credit as college credit. 

When do I sign up?

WATCH FOR college admissions & registration deadlines!

  • If you are interested in Fall Dual Enrollment:
    • Please see your counselor during the month of May during the preceding school year (this is when colleges usually list their fall schedules).
    • Do not wait until August, as deadlines may have passed and classes may be full.
  • If you are interested in Spring Dual Enrollment:
    • Please see your counselor during the month of October in the current school year. 
    • Do not wait until December, as deadlines may have passed and classes may be full.

How do I sign up? 

Two applications required

1) BHS Application:

Google DocBHS Dual Enrollment application 
* Must complete & submit form to Main Office or email Mrs. Brooks

2) College Application:

External LinkOakland Community College Dual Enrollment Information
External LinkWayne State University Dual Enrollment Information
External LinkOakland University Dual Enrollment Information
External LinkCollege for Creative Studies Dual Enrollment Information
External LinkLawrence Tech Dual Enrollment Information
External LinkUniversity of Detroit-Mercy Dual Enrollment Information

Early College programs are for current 10th graders only

Oakland ACE Early College

External LinkOakland ACE is an early college program for students enrolled at participating Oakland County high schools.  

To be eligible to apply for the External LinkACE Program, students must:

  • Be a current 10th grade student in a participating high school
  • Have a high school GPA of 2.0, or higher, with all 9th and 10th grade Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements completed
  • Earn qualifying scores on Reading and Writing placement tests administered during the application process.

OSTC Early College

External LinkOakland Technical Early College is a rigorous three-year program offering high school students an early start in post-secondary training to better prepare them for high-skill, high-demand and high-wage careers.

During the 11th and 12th grades, students take high school requirements, an OSTC program and college courses that align with a technical degree. Students attend Oakland Community College full-time during an added 13th year, completing their high school diploma and potentially earning an associate degree.

The cost for college tuition and books are covered for participants in this program. Students and their families are responsible for transportation to Oakland Community College.

Course Videos: Mathematics AP & Elective Courses

AP Computer Science Principles

AP Statistics

AP Calculus AB

Money Matters

Computer Programming

AP Calculus BC

Course Videos: Science AP & Elective Courses


AP Environmental Science

Honors Zoology

AP Physics

Environmental Science

Earth Systems

Forensic Science

Organic Chemistry

AP Chemistry

Honors Anatomy & Physiology



AP Biology


Course Videos: English AP & Elective Courses

African American Literature

AP Language & Composition

Writing for Publication (The Spectator)

Film Studies

Project Advance (in Conjunction with
Syracuse University)

AP Literature & Composition


Course Videos: Social Studies AP & Elective Courses



AP Economics

AP Government

AP European History

AP World History

Practical Law


Course Videos: Fine & Performing Arts Electives




Advanced Ceramics

AP Studio Art


Course Videos: Family Consumer Science Electives

Food & Culture

Bake Shoppe

Family & Relationships

Intro to Foods

Course Videos: Physical Education Electives

Weight Training

Team Sports

Course Videos: World Language Electives

    World Languages (French & Spanish)


Course Videos: Additional Elective Choices

Diversity Council

Marketing Courses


News & Broadcasting

Student Leadership

Experiential Education