National Honor Society

National Honor Society

2022-2023 Officers

  • Abby Samson, President
  • Ross Fooy, Vice-President
  • Nyla Scarber, Secretary
  • Nina Freeman, Treasurer

2021-2022 Officers

  • Benny Lerner, President
  • Mia Ceaser, Vice-President
  • Maya Maurice, Secretary
  • Meng Tong Shi, Treasurer


Induction Ceremony: May 4th, Hurley Field.

  • Ceremony starts at 8 pm. Members and new inductees should arrive at 7:30 pm.
  • Rain date: Thursday, May 6th.

General Membership Meetings

  • Typically third Thursdays of the month in the auditorium, before school and during lunch.
  • Dates for 2021-2022: Sept 23, Oct 28, Nov 18, Dec 16, Jan 20, Feb 17, Mar 17, Apr 21

Committee Leadership Meetings (Officers and Committee Leaders)

  • Typically Second Thursdays in Room 205 before school.
  • Dates for 2021-2022: Sept 9, Oct 14, Nov 11, Dec 9, Jan 13, Feb 10, Mar 10, Apr 14

Officers Meeting

  • Typically First Thursday in Room 205 before school.
  • Dates for 2021-2022: Sept 2, Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2, Jan 6, Feb 3, Mar 3, Apr 7

Volunteering Opportunities...


  • The NHS Tutors is an excellent resource for connecting struggling students with tutors. Contact Mrs. Blazic or Ms. Farr for information about tutors.


  • Invitations to join NHS are sent out every February to sophomores and juniors who have been at Berkley High School at least one semester and have at least a 3.5 GPA; applications ask the candidate to document their leadership and service. The induction ceremony is held in April.

Volunteer opportunities are constantly being added to this Google Doc.

If we, the Berkley Chapter of the National Honor Society, want to make a difference in our school and school district, it makes sense that we tutor. It truly matches a dire need with our best skills.

Our skills include scholarship, but they also include character.

This is important because we must show integrity when providing this service. A person who shows integrity keeps their promises; when they say they are available at a certain time, they are available at that time. When they make an appointment, they keep that appointment. If their schedule changes and they are no longer available during the times stated on the tutor board, they make sure the tutor board gets changed.

Here are some other guidelines you should consider when using tutoring for your service hours…

NHS tutoring is free.

Tutoring should be conducted in a safe place. Lunchtime tutoring can be done in one of the many classroom with the teacher’s permission. Also, libraries make a great a tutoring location.

NHS tutoring is extra service, not an action you would normally do. While you can tutor a family member, you can’t count toward your service hours. Service to your family is an obligation, while NHS service goes above and beyond those normal obligations.

We tutor classes for which we have expertise; we can’t count for service “tutoring” a class in which you are currently enrolled. That isn’t tutoring; that is calling studying.

We discourage tutoring your friends. It looks suspicious because it is unlikely that your friends are taking a class that you have completed. If you tutoring your friends, make sure you document the details of that tutoring (place, time, subject). It is best to find other methods of fulfilling your service hours.

We are a service organization. First and foremost, this is our organization’s mission. We believe in service, delivered with integrity, by our school’s scholars. We can only do this when leadership is used to harness the power of our many members.

Your obligation is to fulfill at least 12 hours of service for each full semester that you are a member. New inductees, who enter in April, won’t have to fulfill their service hours until the following January.

Because our organization has a focus of making our school and community a better place, we require that at least 6 of your hours be to the Berkley School District. We refer to these as “Berkley Hours.” Any service done that is not “Berkley Hours” is considered “Community Service.”

Over the years, we have had to make decisions about what constitutes NHS service; here are some scenarios to consider…

“I help unload the truck for the Berkley Instrumental Booster Nut and Fruit Sale. Does that count toward NHS service hours?” Yes, provided that the service rendered was not required by band, and anyone, regardless of whether they were a member of the band could provide that service.

“I worked 40 hours on the set for the school play” or “I played my instrument for band tag days.” Working on the sets of the school play or playing for tag days is part of the service associated with that group. Be a proud member of crew or band, but don’t use those hours for NHS.

“I worked at Gleaners Food Bank with my Boy Scout troop.” Because service is a requirement for rank advancement in many organizations, you may not use it also for NHS. No double dipping.

“I was a counselor for fifth grade camp.” This is definitely NHS Berkley hours and would fulfill an entire semester’s service.

“I helped at the Used Book Sale at the local library.” This would be considered community service hours.

“I tutored a student at Pattengill.” Use these hours to fulfill your Berkley requirement.

“I tutored a student from Shrine.” Use these hours are your community requirement.

“I volunteered 60 hours at ‘Summer in the City’.” Well done, but you will still need 6 more “Berkley Hours.”

If you have any question about your service, please ask the officers or advisors.

NEW! Log your service hours on the Digital Service Hour Form: Also,! Check out your service hours.

If you have a service opportunity that you would like to share, email the details to

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