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Through the Career Center, students are able to access information about post secondary opportunities, including college, apprenticeships, employment, and training programs. 

Please contact our Career Center Coordinator, Sheri Sienkiewicz, with any questions.

Xello: Career Research and Exploration online tool for BHS students! 

Xello Login badgeCareer Research and Exploration online tool for BHS students! 


What is an Educational Development Plan (EDP)?

An Educational Development Plan (EDP) is a document showing a student’s current interests, abilities, and career pathways. It is more comprehensive than a schedule of classes because it includes information a student can use to make wise choices about post-secondary options (what's next after high school).

Why have an EDP?

The State of Michigan requires that students must be given the opportunity to create an EDP beginning in the 7th grade and revises it appropriately throughout high school. An EDP is designed to assist students to identify career development goals as they relate to academic requirements, which may be fulfilled through career and technical education.

Say hello to Xello!

External LinkXello is an all-new software that helps students create their very own, unique road map for future success-enabling them to discover their own personalized pathway through self-knowledge, exploration and planning. Built on a proven model for student success, Xello aligns to the Michigan Career Development Plans (EDP) and Talent Portfolios.

Create your EDP now!  Just follow these instructions Google SlideEDP Completion Instructions via Xello!

Building Self-knowledge

Students define their interests, skills, preferences, and aspirations so they can explore the opportunities right for them.

Explore Options

Students learn about career possibilities and educational pathways by exploring rich engaging content and lessons.

Create a Plan

Students create dynamic actionable plans that outline the steps needed to achieve school, career, and life goals.  

Learn and Reassess

As students gain experience, knowledge, and skills, they can reassess and change their plans for the future.

For more information from Xello, click External Linkhere!

Information on Alternatives to College

Military Service:

  • External LinkMilitary Information
  • External LinkJoining the Military
  • External LinkArmy Stars Lab: 
    • Chemistry and anatomy resource linked to apps for learning about the periodic table, octet rule, bonding and skeletal system (also has games).
  • External LinkMarch 2 Success: 
    • A free interactive 24/7 online study program designed to prepare students for standardized tests, improve school work and for review.
    • Online test preparation and practice exams include: SAT/ACT, State assessment testing MCAT/DAT/PAX/TEAS/ and PSB/RN, STEM subjects, Health and Wellness/College Prep.
  • External LinkCareers in the Military: 
    • Explore/investigate job and career opportunities across the branches of the military.
  • External LinkArmy Career Navigator: 
    • Explore/investigate career/college paths specific to the Army.
  • External LinkASVAB Program: 
    Career exploration tool for careers.

Other Service:


Gap Year Programs:

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