About Pattengill 

Our Mission

The mission of Pattengill Elementary School is to ensure that students learn to be successful, responsible citizens.

School Goals

  • Students will demonstrate science process skills and conceptual understanding.
  • Students will effectively use math problem solving skills.
  • When students leave elementary school, they will be able to communicate effectively in writing.
  • Students will use multimedia programs and the internet as educational tools and to demonstrate learning.
  • Students will apply social studies skills to their every day lives.
  • Students will have opportunities to work at their individual levels using differentiated instruction.

Points of Pride

  • Pattengill was named a US Department of Education National Blue Ribbon school in 2015.
  • Our teaching staff spends long hours planning lessons, talking with parents, and coordinating and enhancing our yearly program.
  • Pattengill parents and the PTA do so much to support learning for their children and for the entire Pattengill community.
  • Our students and staff utilize technology to enhance and expand learning.
  • Our support staff cares deeply for children, and they continuously share their talents to make Pattengill a special school.
  • Our school earned NCA accreditation and State Exemplary School status.
  • Our upper elementary students perform well on the state M-STEP tests.

School Rules

Students and staff abide by the following three rules:

  • We work hard.
  • We are safe.
  • We are kind and respectful.