Berkley Schools Virtual Learning: 2021-22 School Year

For the 2021-22 school year, Berkley Schools will offer two options for virtual learning for all children, in addition to the in-person learning option, grades TK-12: Accelerate Education and Oakland Schools VLAC.

The sections below will show details about each program to allow families to choose the best virtual learning option for their children, if in-person learning is not the preferred choice.

Both virtual learning options require a one semester / half a year commitment.

If you have any questions about the Virtual Learning options that are not answered below, please contact the MISTAR Help Desk.

Accelerate Education

Students who select Accelerate Education will have similar courses offerings to the in-person learners. Students will not start over with their course schedules, rather will be placed by Berkley Schools staff in courses that closely match the schedule already selected in MISTAR.

Scheduling - Elementary

Students will be enrolled in the courses that match the child's grade and placement.

Scheduling - Secondary

Students will be placed into Accelerate courses that match the student's current schedule. If the course the student is assigned for in-person learning does not exactly match to an Accelerate course, the child's counselor will work with the student to complete the scheduling process.

Important Information About Classes Syncing with Berkley Schools Teaching

For all levels, Accelerate Education will closely match the pacing of in-person learning, but it may not line up perfectly. There is a chance that students who enroll in Accelerate first semester, may either be behind or ahead of in-person curriculum, if they return to the classroom for second semester.

Available Accelerate Course Catalogs for Berkley Schools Students

Accelerate Education will provide paper workbooks to all elementary students. All secondary materials are built into the online curriculum. Standard elementary supplies are listed below, and grade-level specific materials lists will be shared with students once they are enrolled.

Elementary Standard Required Materials

  • Colored Pencils
  • Pencils (12pk)
  • Composition Notebooks, QTY 4
  • Ruler
  • Glue Scissors
  • Highlighter
  • Yellow Scotch Tape
  • Marker, Black Permanent
  • Watercolor Paints
  • Paint Brushes

The Accelerate Education model includes a Berkley Schools Mentor who will connect with the students locally. This Mentor helps the student stay on track, provides any needed proctoring of exams, and serves as an important liaison between the Accelerate teacher and the Berkley Schools community.

Parents are enrolled as observers in their child’s courses. As long as a valid email is provided, observers and students are emailed weekly progress reports. Additionally, observers may log in to the learning management system at any time to see grades, pacing, course material, and teacher feedback. Contact information is present within the course so that a parent may contact the student’s teacher.

Accelerate Education requires a device and internet connection. If you have a device at home and internet service, please refer to PDF DocumentAccelerate's Technical Requirements to ensure your device is compatible with the programming.

If you do not have a device and internet at home, the Berkley Schools virtual learning Mentor will connect with families to request a device and internet hot spot, after the enrollment process.

Need help with a course or the virtual platform? Contact Accelerate

External LinkAccelerate's Help Desk

Accelerate Education is a self-paced program with most lessons being recorded (not live). Parent/Guardian support is critical to student success for all grades to ensure students are making adequate progress in their courses.

Parent support, guidance and oversight is essential for elementary students in order for them to navigate the system and successfully complete the curriculum as required.

Accelerate Education is a third party vendor offering K-12 virtual programming option.

  • Students will follow a self-paced curriculum aligned with the State of Michigan standards.
  • Students will receive some educational supplies from the vendor and use an online platform to access the learning.
  • Students will watch recorded lessons from a certified teacher, and in elementary school, students will attend some large group and small group live lessons. Accelerate teachers will not be Berkley Schools teachers. 
  • Students will have a Berkley Schools mentor assigned to them to check in and monitor student progress.

Learn more on the Accelerate Education website.

Oakland Schools Virtual Learning Academy Consortium

The Virtual Learning Academy Consortium (VLAC) is a high-quality, home-based virtual learning opportunity for students in Kindergarten-12th grade. The program is a public school option for parents (and other caregivers) preferring a flexible, home-based environment and who are willing to guide their child's learning. Parents, students and staff in the VLAC program work together to keep students engaged and excited about learning.

Berkley Schools has been a member of VLAC for a number of years.

The VLAC program has a comprehensive website for parents/guardians to explore.

Visit the VLAC Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more.

VLAC provides students and families with certain technology equipment and internet access to be used for completion of VLAC course-related work and to communicate with program staff. VLAC will also provide printed materials for students.

Parent (and other caregivers) participation is vital to student success in the program. To be successful, home schooling requires a five-day-a-week schedule similar to the time spent in a traditional classroom. It is recommended that you dedicate an average of five hours per day of your home school schedule to working with your child.

Virtual Learning Academy Consortium (VLAC) features the two curriculums that are both high-quality, research-based, standards-aligned programs of study designed to prepare your child for success in school and in life. The two curriculum options are Calvert and Lincoln.

Visit the VLAC Curriculum webpage for more details.

What is the difference between Accelerate Education and VLAC?

Both options are self-paced learning programs that will require parent supervision and guidance to ensure students are making adequate progress in their work. The main difference between the programs is the connection to Berkley Schools.

Accelerate Education includes a Berkley Schools mentor who will connect with students once a week. The VLAC program has their own mentors and will not include a Berkley Schools connection.

In addition, Accelerate students will remain connected to the Berkley Schools through school communications. VLAC students enroll in Oakland Schools and will not have a continued connection to the student's home school through school communications.

Will my child be able to participate in their home school's activities?

For both VLAC and Accelerate, the following activities are available to students:

  • Elementary students will be allowed to participate in the PTA after school/evening events.
  • Secondary students may continue to participate in extracurricular activities and athletics affiliated with their home school.

Will Berkley Schools provide a device for my child?

Students who choose Accelerate who do not have a device and/or internet at home will be provided with a Chromebook and internet hotspot. VLAC will provide families with their own devices and internet.