Mission & Vision

High Expectations.  High Achievement.  Every Building.

Our Mission

Student achievement and success are at the center of all we do. Our mission is to guide, encourage and support each and every learner in the quest to realize his or her full potential.

Vision 2020 Goals

Goal 1 – Instruction and Curriculum

We will develop and implement strategies to address diverse student needs, ability levels and learning styles to promote academic achievement with increased social responsibilities.

Goal 2 – School and Community Relations

We will collaborate with institutions, businesses, organizations, community groups, and families to create on-going opportunities for students to maximize resources in mutually beneficial ways and enhance the learning environments for students./p>

Goal 3 – Finance and Resources

We will develop a revenue enhancement plan that assures maintenance of current programs, as well as expansion and improvement of programs.

Goal 4 - Marketing

We will develop a comprehensive marketing initiative that effectively communicates our district’s strengths in order to attract and retain students.

Goal 5 – Cultural, Social, Emotional, and Physical Safety

We will create an environment where children feel safe emotionally, physically, intellectually and culturally.

Goal 6 - Technology

We will develop a plan to maintain up-to-date technology and on-going staff development to enhance instruction, operations, and communication for students, staff and community.

Goal 7 - Facilities

We will ensure the facilities will physically support and enhance the instructional, community, financial, marketing, cultural, technological, safety and recruiting goals of the Berkley School District.

Goal 8 – Staff Recruiting and Development

We will attract, develop, and retain outstanding staff in order to increase student achievement.