New Strategic Plan 2022-2027

2022 Berkley Schools Strategic Plan: Vision, Mission, Tagline & Goals

Building a culture to inspire future generations

In 2019, Berkley Schools created a new draft of a District Vision, Mission and Tagline. This process, slated to launch in 2020, was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The work on the plan was resumed in Fall 2021. The new strategic plan proposal, including the new guiding principles were approved by the Board of Education in April 2022. 

Guiding Principles

District Vision

Our inclusive culture will inspire, empower and lead all learners to realize their full potential and make a positive difference in their future and community.

District Mission

Student engagement, learning and growth are at the center of all we do.

District Tagline

Inspire. Empower. Lead.

Portrait of a Learner

  • Critical Thinker
  • Creative
  • Collaborative
  • Communicator
  • Curious
  • Courageous

Strategic Plan Printable Documents

The portrait of a learner identifies six traits that are critical to developing well-rounded individuals.

Through partnerships with parents, guardians and the community, we will prepare our students to be critical thinkers, creative, collaborative, communicators, curious and courageous. 

Critical Thinker

Critical thinkers analyze facts, evidence and multiple perspectives in order to form their position on a topic. They think deeply and broadly.


Creative students explore a variety of solutions, solving problems in new ways. Creative students take risks and use their imagination to form new ideas.


Collaborative students learn how to work successfully with others in and outside the classroom through empathic listening, sharing responsibility and respecting varying opinions. 


Communicators express themselves through the written and spoken word, defending and supporting their views in clear and concise language.


Curious students pursue their interests with an open mind. They wonder, explore and dig deeper, eager to find answers and explore new thinking.


Courageous students are brave, take risks and stand with their convictions to support themselves and/or their fellow classmates.

Strategic Plan Goal Areas

See Goals 1-5 below and the Focus Areas and Strategies that accompany each goal.

Goal 1: Thinking and Learning

Inspire, empower, and lead a culture of thinking and learning for students, staff, and community.

Focus Area 1 - Excellence in Teaching & Learning 

  • Strategy 1: Preparing students to be college and/or career ready
  • Strategy 2: Focus professional learning on high impact instructional strategies
  • Strategy 3: Grow understanding of the cultural forces (expectations, environment, language, opportunities, modeling, interactions, time, and routines) that impact thinking and learning
  • Strategy 4: Implement and evaluate research-based and evidenced-based instructional practices and curriculum

Focus Area 2 - Equitable Opportunities for All Students

  • Strategy 1: Partner with organizations that support equitable opportunities for our students
  • Strategy 2: Provide all staff with professional learning about culturally responsive teaching
  • Strategy 3: Provide parents with opportunities to learn about school and community resources

Focus Area 3 - Collaborative Learning Culture 

  • Strategy 1: Support staff with coaching opportunities
  • Strategy 2: Support opportunities for staff collective efficacy
  • Strategy 3: Increase student collaboration skills

Focus Area 4 - Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports for Academic Learning

  • Strategy 1: Build staff capacity of Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports
  • Strategy 2: Make data-informed decisions about student learning, progress and supports
  • Strategy 3: Implement best practices in special education instruction and inclusion

Goal 2: Equity & Well-being

Inspire, empower, and lead a culture of equity and well-being for students, staff, and community.

Focus Area 1 - Inclusive and Equitable School Community

  • Strategy 1: Create a place of belonging in which diverse backgrounds, identities, abilities, strengths and challenges are respected and honored
  • Strategy 2: Provide learning opportunities for all through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Strategy 3: Measure the impact of diversity, equity and inclusion efforts throughout the District

Focus Area 2 - Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports for Social-Emotional Learning 

  • Strategy 1: Provide social and affective supports for all students
  • Strategy 2: Facilitate successful transitions for all students
  • Strategy 3: Universal understanding of social emotional well-being

Focus Area 3 - Happy, Healthy Environment 

  • Strategy 1: Support mental health of our employees and students
  • Strategy 2: Support physical health of our employees and students

Focus Area 4 - School Safety

  • Strategy 1: Implement school safety best practices
  • Strategy 2: Enhance prevention and intervention services with community partnerships 

Goal 3: Growth & Innovation

Inspire, empower, and lead a culture of growth and innovation for students, staff, and community.

Focus Area 1 - Enrichment Opportunities and Programs

  • Strategy 1: Provide equitable student experiences through enriching activities in the classroom and beyond the classroom
  • Strategy 2: Grow the Berkley Education Foundation in order to support student and staff enrichment

Focus Area 2 - Increase Technology Integration to Support Student Learning

  • Strategy 1: Create opportunities for students to innovate and engage with technology to enhance their learning
  • Strategy 2: Provide professional learning opportunities to impact student learning
  • Strategy 3: Teach and promote responsible digital citizenship

Focus Area 3 - Staff Recruiting and Support

  • Strategy 1: Utilize creative strategies to recruit, retain and support all staff to maintain our culture of hiring highly qualified staff for every position
  • Strategy 2: Create opportunities for leadership and advancement
  • Strategy 3: Intentionally work to ensure the diversity of our staff reflects the diversity of our student body

Goal 4: Resource Stewardship

Inspire, empower, and lead a culture of resource stewardship for students, staff, and community.

Focus Area 1 - Fiscal Responsibility to Support Student Learning

  • Strategy 1: Create and maintain a balanced budget that supports all programs and operations
  • Strategy 2: Engage school and department leaders in resource management best practices
  • Strategy 3: Continue pursuit of competitive compensation packages for all staff

Focus Area 2 - Program Development Beyond the K-12 Classroom

  • Strategy 1: Enhance Early Childhood Education Program, Food Service, Hurley Field, Other Funds
  • Strategy 2: Support community use of our District facilities
  • Strategy 3: Investigate and pursue revenue enhancement opportunities

Focus Area 3 - Technology and Facility Investments & Enhancements

  • Strategy 1: Effectively manage Sinking Fund resources to ensure investments support teaching and learning 
  • Strategy 2: Develop and implement plans that identify opportunities for innovative technology and spaces

Focus Area 4 - Manage, Advocate and Grow Shared Time Partnerships

  • Strategy 1: Advocate for Shared Time programs
  • Strategy 2: Build relationships with current and future partners

Goal 5: Community Engagement

Inspire, empower and lead a culture of community engagement for students, staff, and community.

Focus Area 1 - Community Outreach & Communications

  • Strategy 1: Intentional partnerships with community organizations
  • Strategy 2: Maintain an open dialogue with all stakeholders to maintain transparency
  • Strategy 3: Ensure all members of the school community are represented in District communications
  • Strategy 4: Participate in District and community events
  • Strategy 5: Ongoing dialogue with local media
  • Strategy 6: Engage with legislators and the community about educational issues

Focus Area 2 - Sharing Our #BerkleyDifference Story

  • Strategy 1: Share stories to promote District activities and maintain District reputation
  • Strategy 2: Empower staff and students to share their stories
  • Strategy 3: Encourage the community to share their stories and experiences

Focus Area 3 - Marketing Methods

  • Strategy 1: Identify markets of opportunity to tell District story
  • Strategy 2: Attract new and retain current students and families
  • Strategy 3: Analyze data to ensure marketing efforts are successful

Strategic Plan Videos

View the videos below to learn more about our Strategic Plan, how we arrived at the final product and what it looks like in action.