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Tally Sheet to Turn in After Event

PDF DocumentVolunteer Tally Sheet for PTA Event

Norup PTSA Reimbursement Request Policy

PDF DocumentCheck Reimbursement Form

All requests for PTA reimbursements must be submitted the Thursday prior to the PTA meeting, unless otherwise noted, in addition to, the following:

  • Request must be submitted on the Norup PTA official form (revised 10/2018)
  • Receipts must accompany the reimbursement form
  • Form must be completed in its entirety

Reimbursement request forms are located in the main office in the metal file folder next to the staff mailboxes. Electronic copies are available online in the Norup PTA section.

The following will no longer be accepted

  • Handwritten/typewritten/electronic lists
  • Receipts without accompanying official reimbursement form
  • Reimbursement requests not on official reimbursement form

Notification of approval or denial of reimbursements will be provided, in person, at the PTA meeting and/or via email. This policy allows for proper accounting and processing of requests. It is also beneficial for auditing purposes.

Effective: 11/26/2018

Contact Info

Bruce Corrigan-Salter

Taren Growe
Vice President

Dana Baer
Vice President, Membership

Christopher Rettich

Michael Ehrman