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The Anderson Counseling Department is here to support students, families and educators. We are dedicated to creating trusting relationships with all stake holders to ensure that students reach their full potential in a safe, caring, and trusting environment.  

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AMS Counseling Groups

AMS Counselors, Mrs. Stone and Ms. Ng, will be offering a variety of socioemotional groups to help students overcome struggles that may be affecting them by teaching coping skills and building self-awareness and self-confidence.  Each group meets once per week, a different class period each week, for six weeks. Students are required to make up any classwork they miss while attending a group meeting.  Groups are limited in size and will be run based on student interest.  Students may be in only one group per session.  

If interested, please complete the Group Request form.  A permission slip needs to be completed by the parent/guardian in order to participate.  Permission slips are available in the main office. 

If you have previously turned in a permission slip for first semester, you do not need to turn in an additional slip.  However, you still need to complete the Group Request Form, linked above.

The deadline for signing up for groups is Monday, January 29th. 

Group Offerings:
GRIEF AND LOSS:  Have you lost someone or something close to you?  Have you had trouble sleeping or eating, or had other difficulties because of your loss?  There is an explanation for all of this.  Come and meet with us, as we explore what happens to you and those around you. when you lose someone you love.

CHANGING FAMILIES, DIVORCE:  Has your family changed because of a divorce?  This group is for you if your parents are in the process of a divorce, or even if they have been divorced for awhile.  Come and discuss with us how all of this has affected your life.

ANGER MANAGEMENT:  Is your motto “DON’T GET MAD, GET EVEN?”  Do you wish you could better control your anger?  Would you like to learn to avoid getting into trouble because of fighting?  Come and join us as we explore proven non-violent ways to express anger.

GIRLS EMPOWERED:  This group is for young women who through group talk can envision living in a conscious culture where every young woman is empowered by the knowledge of who she is and all she has to offer.  Come meet with us, as we accept and encourage each other to become successful within school and society.

B2M (BOYZ 2 MEN):  This group is for young men who through group talk can gain opportunity to address masculine behaviors, and build their capacities to find their innate value and make smart decisions both individually and collectively.  Come meet with us, as we encourage each other to become successful within school and society.

TAKE 5:  This group will focus on anxiety.  We will discuss what anxiety is and how it affects the mind and body.  We will talk about common sources of anxiety and ways to cope with it.  Come meet with us, as we encourage each other to become successful within school and society.

LET'S TALK: HOW TO BE A BETTER ALLY:  This group is open to all students who want to learn how to better support and be an ally to BIPOC/LGBTQ+ students and community members.

RACIAL INJUSTICE:  This group is a safe place to share first hand experience of racism and receive support from fellow students.

BE YOU:  The focus of this group is to help students feel comfortable and confident in being their true selves. We will talk about bullying, self-esteem, and self-confidence and work together to learn skills to help us in our daily lives.
BUILD-A-BUDDY: This group will focus on how to improve communication skills, resolve conflicts, improve social interactions with peers and adults, and how to gain and maintain healthy friendships

For any questions/concerns, please contact Mrs. Stone (248-837-8267) or Ms. Ng (248-837-8225).

Jessica Stone


Melissa Ng