Berkley High School News & Announcements

December 14, 2020
Updates from BHS
Friday 12/18 Speed Day Schedule
December 14, 2020
Updates from BHS: December 14, 2020

Information on Speed Day, December 18, 2020. Students will meet with all of their classes for 40 minutes each. 

December 5, 2020
Update from Superintendent McDavid
Extending the pause on learning and working modes
November 24, 2020
Important update on BHS Final Exams and December/January schedules
  • BHS staff will no longer be administering final exams at the end of each academic semester. 
  • This will apply both to the current semester and each semester moving forward.
  • Each teacher will be providing students with a culminating assignment for students to demonstrate what they have learned.
  • December & January Schedules
November 17, 2020
New Emergency Order - Message from Superintendent McDavid

Important message regarding changes to in-person Special Education opportunities and athletics.