2023 Berkley Schools Summer Programs

2023 Berkley Summer Learning Programs 

The Berkley Summer Difference program details and registration are now available for students TK-12. High School summer options will be held in person, for students in current grades 9-12. Classes will focus on Credit Recovery.

Registration for all students is now open in the MISTAR Parent Portal.

See program descriptions and registration instructions, below.

Elementary Program - Math & Language Arts + STEM

The Berkley Summer Difference Math & Language Arts program is intended for students currently in Grades TK-5 who need to maintain or grow in their academic achievement from the 2022-23 school year. Students who enroll in the program will have both math and language arts instruction throughout the summer program.

The elementary Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program will focus on problem solving, engineering design and offer hands-on opportunities.

All classes will be taught in person by certified, highly-qualified elementary teachers. Depending on enrollment, multi-grade sections may be organized to better meet staffing needs. The summer program will be educational and enjoyable!

Program Details for Math & Language Arts

Program Details for Elementary STEM

Registration - Now Open!

Middle School Program

Students who just completed their 6th - 8th grade school year can participate in the Berkley Summer Difference program. All classes will offered in-person. Students have the option to take three types of classes: Math, English Language Arts and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Availability of sections will be determined based upon registration.

The middle school summer English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics school programs are intended for students currently in Grades 6-8 who need to maintain or grow in their achievement.

The middle school summer STEM program is intended for any students interested in exploring STEM topics which could include Coding/Robotics.

Classes will be taught by certified, highly-qualified middle school teachers. Depending on enrollment, multi-grade sections may be organized to better meet staffing needs.

Program Details for Math & English Language Arts Classes

Program Details for the STEM Class

Registration - Now Open!

High School Program: Credit Recovery

The high school summer program will be focused on Credit Recovery Courses. Credit Recovery Courses should be selected in consultation with each student’s school counselor. Credit Recovery coursework will be delivered through the APEX online learning system, assisted, facilitated, and overseen by certified teachers. Students will complete the coursework in person. These courses are tailored to each student and are mastery-based, which means the length of time students must spend in Credit Recovery will vary and is dependent upon mastery of course objectives.

Program Details for Credit Recovery

Registration - Now Open!