BHS Summer Reading & AP Coursework 2019


For the Summer Reading Program, find and click on your in-coming (Fall Semester) grade level below. 

AP Coursework is listed in alphatical order following the Summer Reading links.

Where to get  Summer Reading and/or AP books?

  • Check out a copy from the BHS LMC.  Stop by the LMC during Finals Week.  SR  and AP books would be due in the Fall.

  • Check out an eBook from the BHS LMC. Go to the LMC Catalog (you'll need your Destiny user name... see LMC for details)

  • Visit your local public library... library cards are always free and easy to get

  • Buy a copy from Book Beat Book Store (Greenfield & Lincoln; tel: 248.968.1190). BSD students receive a 10% discount.

  • Buy a copy online or from other traditional book suppliers, like Amazon. Note: BHS LMC will buy back your (gently used) copy for $5.00

This light-hearted video may address some of your questions and concerns.

English 9, English 9 Honors

In-coming 9th graders, i.e., future English 9 students:

Your summer reading assignment is to read at least one book from the English 9 Summer Reading LIST (See link below.)  In the Fall, you will be asked to reflect upon and write about this book.  See the English 9 Summer Reading (SR) Assignment (link below) for more info.

English 9 Honors students:

You must read The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian by  Sherman Alexie and then a 2nd book of your choice from the English 9 Honors SR List.  See the English 9 Honors Summer Reading (SR) Assignment and English 9 Honors (SR) Book Review below  for more info.

For more information on the books:

for more information on the reading choices, see the English 9 SR Book Talk for Ms Spear's Powerpoint presentation; and the English 9 SR Book Trailers.

PDF DocumentEnglish 9 SR LIST
PDF DocumentEnglish 9 Honors SR LIST

PDF DocumentEnglish 9 and English 9 Honors SR Assignment

PDF DocumentEnglish 9 Honors SR Book Review

PDF DocumentEnglish 9 SR Book Talk
External LinkEnglish 9 SR Book Trailers


English 10, English 10 Honors

English 10 Students:

You must read at least one book from the English 10 SR LIST (link below).  Complete the English 10 SR WORK SHEET (link below).

English 10 Honors Students:

First: all English 10 Honors students are required to read Chapters 1-19 of Great Expectations  by Charles Dickens. You may use the books provided to you by the school (these MUST be returned in good condition at the start of the school year) or you may purchase your own. Read the English 10 HONORS SR ASSIGNMENT. In addition, consult the ENGLISH 10 HONORS SR WORK ASSIGNMENT (links below.)

Second: you must read a 2nd book of your own choice.  It is recommended that you choose a title suggested in the English 10 Honors Assignment.  See the English 10 Honors Assignment (link) below.

See also the English 10 Summer Reading BOOK TRAILERS (link below) for a video overview of the SR titles.

PDF DocumentEnglish 10 SR LIST​
PDF DocumentEnglish 10 SR Work Sheet

PDF DocumentEnglish 10 Honors SR Assignment
PDF DocumentEnglish 10 Honors SR Work Assignment
PDF DocumentEnglish 10 Honors SR Intro to Great Expectations

External LinkEnglish 10 SR BOOK TRAILERS

English 11, English 11 Honors

English 11 Students:

Congratulations on completing your tenth grade year! In preparation for your eleventh grade English class, all students enrolled (or planning on enrolling in English 11) have a summer assignment. This year we are offering a choice of two options. Both options require students to engage with text and/or media and complete a follow-up assignment. You need to complete option 1 OR option 2. You are NOT required to do BOTH. See the English 11 Summer Reading Directions below.

In addition, we hope that you continue to read widely and deeply during these warm months.  For suggestions for books to read, visit "Outstanding Books for the College-Bound" LINK.

English 11 HONORS Students:

You must read 1984 by George Orwell.  (If you read a 2nd book, good for you :-)

See the English 11 HONORS Summer Reading ASSIGNMENT (link below) for more details.

PDF DocumentEnglish 11 Summer Reading DIRECTIONS (Read this first)
PDF DocumentEnglish 11 Option 1: Summer Reading
PDF DocumentEnglish 11 Option 2: Summer Viewing and Nonfiction

PDF DocumentEnglish 11 HONORS Assignment

External LinkEnglish 11 book trailers

External LinkOutstanding Books for the College Bound

English 12, African American Lit, AP Language, AP Literature, Project Advance

Students of:

  • English 12
  • African American Literature
  • AP Language  & Composition
  • AP Literature & Composition
  • PA (Project Advance) 

See your appropriate class/es below.

English 12 students:

Your summer reading assignment is to read at least one book on the theme of revisions of truth: re-evaluating dominant narratives.  See English 12 Summer Reading INFO for more details (link below).

It is recommended that you select the book from the English 12 Summer Reading LIST (links below.) 

PDF DocumentEnglish 12 Summer Reading LIST
PDF DocumentEnglish 12 SR Assignment
External LinkEnglish 12 SR Book Trailers

African American Literature students:

See  these African American Literature files.

PDF DocumentAfrican American Literature SR Assignment
PDF DocumentAfrican American Literature Chimamnda...
PDF DocumentAfrican American Literature Commonlit...
PDF DocumentAfrican American Literature Prologue
PDF DocumentWhy I Teach Black Literature

AP Language & Composition students:

Welcome, A.P. Language and Composition students!

Over the summer, you must:
1. Read the book In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
2. Listen to 3 (selected) podcast episodes
3. Complete a homework assignment related to the above

See the AP LANG ASSIGNMENT flyer below for more details. 

PDF DocumentAP Lang Assignment

AP Literature & Composition students:

You must read How to Read Literature like a Professor by Thomas Foster as well as a 2nd book from the short list included in the AP Summer Reading Assignment (see link below).

PDF DocumentAP Lit Summer Reading Assignment
PDF DocumentAP Lit Major Works Data Packet
PDF DocumentAP Lit Semester 1 Vocabulary

PA (Project Advance) English 12 students: 

The summer reading and viewing assignment asks you to consider how genre and medium affect the content of informational texts.  See the Project Advance attachment  below for more details.  See Mr. Cierpial's or Mr. Duffy's web pages to access the essays and other files you'll need to work with.

PDF DocumentPA (Project Advance) Summer Reading Assignment 2019

Algebra 2 Summer Assignment

Attention students taking Algebra 2 in the fall:

Please complete the Algebra 2 Review sheet below prior to the start of school.

Algebra 2 Review

AP Biology Summer Project

Please read Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin and complete the attached assignment before Fall Semester classes begin.

See assignment below.

PDF DocumentAP Biology Summer Assignment 2018

AP Physics Summer Assignment

Please read the Welcome statement, the text The Making of a Scientist, and complete the assignment.

All are posted below.

PDF DocumentAP Physics Summer Assignment Welcome
PDF DocumentThe Making of a Scientist
PDF DocumentAP Physics Summer Assignment To Do

Public Library Summer Reading Programs

Your local public libraries have summer reading fun, too. They offer movies, programs, prizes, and more. It's all free and it's all good. Check 'em out!

PDF DocumentBerkley Public Library Teens Summer Reading Program
Video DocumentHuntington Woods Public LIbrary Summer Reading with Miss Joyce