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BHS Summer School Registration opens June 1st

Registration is online only thru MiStar Parent Portal

High School summer options will be held in-person, for students in current grades 9-12.  The program will focus on two options for students: Credit Recovery and Bridge to Algebra 2.

Credit Recovery courses 

  • Five week program from June 21st - July 22nd.
  • Monday-Thursday, 8:00 - 10:15 AM and/or 10:20 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Courses should be selected in consultation with the school counselor, and will be accessed through the APEX online learning system. Many courses are available in English, Math, Science and Social Studies. This in-person program will be assisted, facilitated, and overseen by certified teachers. 

Bridge to Algebra 2 course

  • Five week program from June 21st - July 22nd.
  • Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday from 8:00 - 10:00 AM or 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM.
  • This course is for any student in grades 8-11 who is currently enrolled in Geometry and would benefit from an opportunity to revisit Algebra 1 concepts prior to taking Algebra
  • Students who did not complete Algebra 1 at BHS, and instead moved from 8th grade math to Geometry, are encouraged to take this course.
  • Parents who are registering their child for Bridge to Algebra 2 only should email the mistarhelp@berkleyschools.org to request their child be registered.  If they are registering for multiple courses, where a dollar amount occurs, then they can add the Bridge to Algebra 2 course as well to be able to check out.  


  • The fee for credit recovery courses is $100 per class for Berkley School District students. The fee is $220 per class for out of district students.
  • Any Berkley School District student who is eligible for free/reduced lunch will receive a reduced rate of $25/class.
  • The Bridge to Algebra 2 course is tuition free.


  • All classes will be held at Berkley High School.

Safety Policies

  • All current safety policies and guidelines will apply to summer school, including a face mask requirement for all.


  • Opens June 1st and must be completed online through MiStar Parent Portal.
  • Instructions PDF Documenton how to register on MiStar Parent Portal:
    1. Log into MiStar Parent Portal and click on your child’s name
    2. In the left navigation, click on the “Accounts” option if it is not already open on your screen
    3. Under the “Accounts” banner, click on “Click Here to Access Online SBA Payments”
    4. In the Student dropdown, choose which child you are registering 
    5. In the Item dropdown, choose which course to register for then click the “Add to Cart” button
    6. Continue to add as many courses as needed
    7. Click the “Proceed to Checkout” button to finish and pay

Additional Information


Submit homework assignments, review grades, participate in interactive discussions, receive announcements and feedback, take tests, and more!

 Student Schoology Login
Use your Berkley email and password to log-in

 Parent Schoology Login

Please visit the Berkley School District Schoology Resource and Support page for information and videos on how to log-in, where to go for help, and how to use Schoology.

Make sure you are using a laptop, Chromebook, or desktop.  The Schoology app on a mobile phone isn't working with Zoom.  

Did you know...

BHS Counseling Department has courses in Schoology based on graduation year? 

Based on year of graduation, all BHS students have been enrolled in:
Counseling Office: Class of 2021
Counseling Office: Class of 2022
Counseling Office: Class of 2023
Counseling Office: Class of 2024

In the Counseling Office Schoology courses, students will find a plethora of up-to-date information, college/career/academic resources, tools, and events!  


View your schedule, report cards, transcripts, attendance, etc.

 MiStar Student Portal
Use your Berkley email and password to log-in

 MiStar Parent Portal

If you are having issues with your Berkley email or password, please contact Mrs. Terbrack in the LMC or call the Oakland Schools Help Desk at 248.209.2060.  

Please visit the LMC website for additional information about log-ins and tech support.  

Order Transcripts

Berkley High School has partnered with ParchmentExternal Linkto order and send students and alumni transcripts securely.  ParchmentExternal Linkrequests are filled within 2-3 business days.  

Graduates from the Class of 2005 and earlier:

Pease contact Berkley High School Registrar, Lesli Wyatt directly at lesli.wyatt@berkleyschools.org or (248) 837-8141.

Obtaining a Work Permit

Print out a blank permit

Click on the link that reflects your age at time of employment: 

Complete the required sections

  1. You must complete Section 1. 
  2. Your employer must complete Section 2.  
  3. Once both sections are completed, please email completed forms to 
    Executive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Schools and Human Resources, Erin Haley.

Since 2018, the Berkley Digital Food Bank has been accepting donations from members of the community and beyond.

With those generous donations, we purchase gift cards redeemable for food and groceries. Berkley High School Counselors then discreetly distribute these gift cards to identified students and families needing support.

Without community support, however, the Berkley Digital Food Bank could not be possible.  Your generous donations provide us with the continual funds that help our District families in their time of need.

Please clickhere to donate to the Berkley Digital Food Bank.  Thank you for your support!

Community Service is not required to graduate from Berkley High School

Current (Class of 2021) seniors who submit 75 community service hours or more by March of their senior year will receive a Community Service cord to wear at graduation.  Class of 2021: Proof of hours must be submitted to Mrs. Sloan by Friday, March 5th.

Students may keep track of their hours, in whatever manner they choose.  BHS Counseling Department has created this log, should students wish to use it.  Documentation must include: the service activity, activity date, amount of hours, and signature of volunteer supervisor verifying the hours were performed. 

Note: BHS Counselors will collect Community Service logs in March of their senior year. Students are responsible for maintaining the logs until that time.

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