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Overview of College Research 

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College Research Resources

Tracker to stay organized!

Google SheetMy College List Research + Essay Tracker

Virtual Campus Tours

 The College Tour TV series on Amazon Prime!

Contact College Admissions Representatives + Admissions Websites!

Colleges have admissions counselors/representatives assigned BHS!  Call or email or call to connect with admissions counselor to ask questions, get contact information regarding a major/program!  Go to colleges' undergraduate admissions websites and look for "Meet our Team" or "Find my rep".  
Sign up for email updates or request more info on the colleges' undergraduate admissions websites!  
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Arrange an in-person tour or virtual tour!  Visit colleges' undergraduate admissions websites to schedule a tour.

College Search Engines + Websites

College Confidential

"How to College" Playlist from CrashCourse

College Planning Guides

Berkley High School + College Essay Guy -- A Family's Handbook to College Admissions

A Guide for Families in the College Admissions Process, from the National Association of College Admissions Counselors

Step by Step Guide on College Awareness and Planning for 9th & 10th grade, from the National Association of College Admissions Counselors

Step by Step Guide on College Awareness and Planning for 11th & 12th grade, from the National Association of College Admissions Counselors

College Application Timeline

College Admissions Timeline (detailed from 9th-12th grade)

Recommended Reading

Important Preparing for College Tips
"Where You Go Is Not Who You Will Be"
"College Is Yours 2.0"
"Colleges That Change Lives"
"Looking Beyond the Ivy League"

Michigan Assured Admission Pact (MAAP)

Have a 3.0 GPA or higher?  Be admitted to....

  • Central Michigan University
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Ferris State University
  • Lake Superior State University
  • Northern Michigan University
  • Oakland University
  • Saginaw Valley State University
  • University of Michigan - Flint
  • University of Michigan - Dearborn
  • Wayne State University

College Application Requirements

Additional Req

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Google SheetMy College List Research + Essay tracker

Colleges on Common App

Use Common App's explore colleges feature to find out which colleges use Common App!

Common App Overview Tour

Google SlideCommon App Overview Tour

Common App Tips

 How to Make Your Common App a Lot Less Common, from Collegewise
 Tips for Activities Section of Common App from the College Essay Guy

Check out the right side of your screen for BHS-specific information to complete the Education section of Common App!                                                                           

Help + Resources from Common App

 Common App Writing Requirement Resource - find out colleges' essay requirements!
 Common App playlist for First-time applicants
Common App for mobile
 How to complete the Common App "Activities" section
 Common App Ready's Application Dictionary
 College readiness tool for families

Sending high school transcripts to Colleges + Universities

Applying via Common App?

BHS counselor will send transcripts via Common App, provided they have been listed in the student's Common App.  To invite/list their BHS counselor, the student must complete the Education & FERPA/Recommender sections in Common App.

The BHS Counselor will also send mid-year report with transcript at the end of semester 1 to schools listed in student's Common App. 

Applying via college website application?

Berkley High School has partnered with Parchment to order and send students and alumni transcripts securely.  Students must order their transcripts using Parchment.  Students will have to create a "New Learner" account.  Students should only complete the required* fields.  

Students must indicate where they would like their transcripts sent (referred to as "Destination" in Parchment).  Transcripts orders are fulfilled by the BHS registrar in 2-3 school days.

When to send transcripts?

  1. When you are applying to colleges during 12th grade.  Colleges will not review your application unless they have received your transcript via Parchment.
  2. In May of 12th grade, once you know for sure which college you are attending the follow fall.  When you request your final transcript be send to the college you will be attending, you must select "Hold for Grades" in Parchment.  BHS will send your final transcript once 2nd semester grades are posted onto your transcript (a few days following graduation).
  3. -Sometimes-, colleges will ask to see your 1st semester grades from 12th grade (7th semester grades) before they make an admissions decision.  If that is the case, you must order your transcript in Parchment and select "Hold for Grades".  BHS will send your transcript once 1st semester grades are posted onto your transcript (a few days after the start of 2nd semester).

Sending SAT/ACT Scores to Colleges/Universities

If you would like to submit your tests scores to colleges (and you didn't do so when you registered for the test), you need to order your scores in either your ACT account portal or College Board account portal

Colleges want to receive test scores directly from these portals, not from BHS.  Note: BHS does not have access to student portal login information.

Click below for more information and detailed instructions:

Does your application require a Letter of Rec?

 Check the Common App Dashboard!

Once you created your Common App account and added the colleges you plan on applying to in the "My Colleges" tab, then you can click on the college and view their requirements. 

In Common App, Teacher Evaluation (TE) = teacher letter of recommendation

  Not using Common App?

Check the application requirements on the colleges' admissions websites!

Teacher Letter of Recommendation Request

Request form must be completed

All students who require a teacher letter of recommendation for college or scholarship application must complete this form.  The form may be completed more than once.

Michigan Transfer Network

Thinking of transferring?  Check out this video!

Plan your Transfer

Planning your transfer is an important step to earning your degree.  Students in Michigan have several options when it comes to transferring. 

You may want to:

  1. Transfer a course
  2. Complete the Michigan Transfer Agreement
  3. Complete an entire associate degree before transferring to earn your bachelor's degree. 

Use the resources on Michigan Transfer Network to help plan your transfer!

Transfer your Courses

The Michigan Transfer Network allows students and advisors to view transfer course equivalencies between many Michigan colleges and universities You can search for courses by sending institution (the institution where you completed the course) or by the receiving institution (the institution where you plan to transfer the course).  This information is provided as a resource to identify potential transfer credit and is not an official credit evaluation or a guarantee of transfer credit.

Michigan Transfer Agreement

The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) allows students to complete general education courses at participating colleges and universities in Michigan.  Students may complete the MTA as part of an associate degree or as a stand-alone package at Michigan institutions.

To fulfill the Michigan Transfer Agreement, students must successfully complete at least 30 credits, with at least a 2.0 in each course and at least one credit completed at the institution awarding the MTA. 

These credits should be met according to the following distribution:

  • One course in English Composition
  • A second course in English Composition or 1 course in Communications
  • One course in Mathematics from one of three pathways: Pathway to Calculus (includes College Algebra), Statistics, or Quantitative Reasoning
  • Two courses in Social Sciences (from two disciplines)
  • Two courses in Humanities and Fine Arts (from two disciplines, excluding studio and performance classes)
  • Two courses in Natural Sciences including one with laboratory experience (from two disciplines)

Transfer your Associate Degree

Students can complete an associate degree at a community college in a program of study and transfer to a participating university.  Colleges and universities maintain articulation agreements and transfer guides to help students navigate the transfer process. 

Use these guides to help plan your transfer pathway!

Articulation Agreements

Articulation agreements are transfer agreements between two institutions of higher education ensuring that courses transfer to specific academic programs.  

Transfer Guides

Transfer Guides are published by colleges and universities to help students understand how courses transfer to selected academic programs.  

MiTransfer Pathways

MiTransfer Pathways provide guidance about transferring courses in specific academic programs to multiple colleges and universities in Michigan. 

Oakland Community College Transfer Information

When transferring from OCC to another institution, it is up to the receiving school which classes will be accepted and how your credits will transfer. Students should work with an OCC counselor to discuss transfer credits and academic planning to ensure they stay on track for degree completion.

Oakland Community College Short-term Programs

For high school graduates who aren't interested in the traditional college path, OCC offers a variety of training opportunities to prepare them for in-demand, high paying jobs. Programs last six months or less, and some are free. They include:
  • Training programs that prepare students for jobs in fields such as supply chain logistics, advanced manufacturing, CNC, sterile processing, CNA, and computer security.
  • Pre-apprenticeship programs where students can explore a trade or technical occupation and develop the skills and knowledge needed to prepare themselves for employment or apprenticeship opportunities. 
  • Apprenticeship programs where students receive the related technical instruction to complete a U.S. Department of Labor registered apprenticeship program while earning wages from day one. Students are also advised on certificate and associate degree options after successful completion of an apprenticeship.

Thinking about an HBCU?

Common Black College Application

Class of 2024: The FAFSA for 24-25 Academic Year

Basic Financial Aid Info 

  • FAFSA4caster
    • Provide some basic information and the FAFSA4caster estimate your eligibility for federal student aid.
    • Your estimate will be shown in the "College Cost Worksheet" where you can also provide estimated amounts of other student aid and savings that can go towards your college education.
  • Net Price Calculator
    • Net price calculators are available on a college’s or university’s website and allow prospective students to enter information about themselves to find out what students like them paid to attend the institution in the previous year, after taking grants and scholarship aid into account.
  • Financial Aid checklist for Senior Year
  • Michigan Achievement Scholarship

Video Presentations

 Sallie Mae video series on the Paying for College process
Video DocumentView the recorded Funding Education Beyond High School presentation from Financial Aid Expert below

Presentation Outline

Filling out the FAFSA

  1. Create a Login

    Create your login credentials prior to completing the FAFSA. All those contributing to a FAFSA (parent/guardian) will create a separate login

  2. Complete the FAFSA

    You will be asked to invite your parent (depending on your family situation - see above) to complete the financial portion of the FAFSA.
    You will be asked to list the colleges, trade schools, that you applied to or are thinking about applying to. You can always log-in later and edit your ranking of schools. You will need to "sign" your FAFSA with your login. Parent(s) will need to "sign" with their log-ins as well.
  3. Create an MiSSG account

    Create an MISSG Student Portal account with the State of Michigan to access additional state scholarship/aid and manage your School of Choice selection. First time student users must have their Social Security number when signing up to create a username and password.

Add Colleges/Schools on FAFSA + Create an MISSG portal!

  • You must list an eligible Michigan college to be considered for state grant aid. 
  • Initial state of Michigan grant awards will be made to the college listed first on your FAFSA form.
  • If you update your school choice later, please notify your state agency by accessing the Michigan Student Scholarships & Grants student portal.

After the FAFSA...

Need help with the FAFSA?

Virtual FAFSA Workshops with a Financial Aid expert!

Oakland University Financial Services offers a variety of financial aid events available to all students and their families who wish to learn more about the financial aid process, completing the FAFSA, or evaluating financial aid awards.

Video Tutorials

Video Document7 Easy Steps to the FAFSA video series to learn more about the application

Filling out the CSS Profile

Do the colleges you are applying to require an institutional aid application or the CSS Profile? 

The following colleges, universities, and scholarship programs use CSS Profile as part of their financial aid process for some or all of their financial aid applicants in the populations listed below. Please check schools’ websites or contact the institution for more information.

Please click here to start the CSS Profile.

Understanding Financial Aid Award Letters

What to do after you receive Financial Aid Award Offer

Financial Aid Award Letter Help
Understanding Award Letters resource
Financial Aid Award Letter Comparison Worksheet

Student Loans & How to Fund the Gap

Student Loan Information and Resources
Student Loan FAQs
Student Loan Repayment Estimator


Scholarship Search Engines

Check out the following scholarship search engines!  Create an account, complete a questionnaire and a list of scholarships you are eligible to apply for will be generated.

MI Student Aid Scholarship Finder
U.S. Dept. of Labor Career One Stop Scholarship Finder
Big Future
Scholar Snapp (recommended to use if applying to colleges via Common App)
Going Merry - BHS page: Check out the list below!

Micro-Scholarships using RaiseMe! 

Great for students in grades 9-11!

RaiseMe is a platform that helps students prepare for college by earning scholarships for their achievements in high school. Over 270 colleges and universities award micro-scholarships for both academics and extracurricular activities through the partnership with RaiseMe. 

Colleges in Michigan that award scholarships on RaiseMe:

  • Grand Valley State University
  • Hillsdale College
  • Lawrence Technical University
  • Madonna University
  • Rochester University
  • Western Michigan University

Join the Berkley High School page at RaiseMe!

Where else can I look for Scholarships? 

  1.  BHS Scholarships List!  See below!  Also posted in Schoology and updated regularly!
  2. Check scholarship webpages on college/universities websites.  They often have additional scholarships outside of the merit scholarships that are usually awarded based on a student's admissions application.
  3. Ask family members to check if employers, civic clubs, places of worship, etc. offer scholarship opportunities.
  4. Check if Brands/Companies you like to eat or shop award scholarships!  
  5. Check national and state professional associations or organizations of the career field or profession you intend to pursue.

 Scholarship Tips

Applying for Private Scholarships tips
Most Common Essay Prompts for Scholarships


The BHS Counseling Department gets questions every day from parents and students about whether students should take the ACT or the SAT and when. Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions along with some recommendations.

Do colleges want me to take the SAT or ACT?

Most (not all) colleges and universities require students to officially submit either an ACT OR SAT score as part of their application. The vast majority of colleges and universities do not have a preference whether students submit an ACT or SAT score.  They will accept either/or and students do not have to submit both. Therefore, it is up to the student to decide which test to take and which to submit.

Over the years a student in the Berkley School District has had exposure and practice with the SAT via PSAT experiences.  Each student is provided a free, official SAT as part of the standardized tests required of juniors each year. Students do not have to sign up for or pay for this particular test in April of their junior year.  However, many students take an official test before April of their junior year.

The Counseling Department recommends students take either an ACT or SAT prior to April, if possible.  Which means – students have to register for an ACT or SAT (outside of the April test) on their own.

Can I still take the ACT?

If students still want to take the ACT or take the SAT outside of the one, free test offered at school – they will need to sign up for and pay to take another test independently by visiting the ACT or SAT websites directly.

It is the recommendation of the counseling department that students take one of each exam during their junior year (or prior) to see which test is better suited to them. Because students typically take the exam more than one time, signing up in the Summer of sophomore year or any time junior year is best.

How do I sign up for the ACT or SAT?

Visit the testing websites directly:

 ACT Registration & Information
 SAT Registration & Information

If I register for the ACT, will I still receive accommodations?

If you receive accommodations in the school setting and have a 504 Plan or IEP and is taking the ACT outside of the school setting for the first time this year, please contact your counselor directly and they will help you with explaining how the accommodated testing works for the first time.

Is there assistance in the registration fee?

If your family receives assistance via the Free/Reduced lunch program or is experiencing financial difficulties, please contact your child’s counselor to inquire about a fee waiver.

How do I send my SAT/ACT scores to Colleges/Universities?

If you would like to submit your tests scores to colleges, you will have the option to send your score to four colleges/universities for free when you register online to take the SAT/ACT. 

If you do not wish to send your scores for free at the time of registration and would prefer to wait for your scores before you send them to colleges, you may do so for a fee.  To do this, you would need to order your scores through your ACT account portal or College Board account portal

Colleges want to receive test scores directly from these portals, not from BHS.  Note: BHS does not have access to student portal login information.

Click below for more information and detailed instructions:

 Sending ACT scores to colleges/universities
 Sending SAT scores to colleges/universities

ACT + SAT Test Dates

Registration for ACT + SAT:

Register here for the ACT  | Register here for the SAT

Test Preparation Links + Resources:

 ACT/SAT Free Test Prep Passes to The Tutoring Center in Birmingham
  ACT Prep  |   SAT Prep

NCAA Eligibility Center

College-bound student-athletes preparing to enroll in a Division I or Division II school need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center to ensure they have met amateurism standards and are academically prepared for college coursework. is the official clearinghouse for NAIA eligibility. Every student-athlete must register with the NAIA Eligibility Center to play sports at an NAIA college or university..

 Click here to view our school profile, which includes information and statistics regarding:

  • Berkley demographics, BHS courses offered, student opportunities, student post-secondary plans, and more.

For a printable copy, please view the PDF DocumentBHS Profile for the 2023-2024 school year.

BHS Counseling Department News

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 Any college, university, or trade school interested in scheduling a visit at Berkley HS, please contact Christina Belsky via email.

Class of 2025
Common App Education section:

  • Date of Entry = 09/2021 (if attended BHS since 9th grade)
  • Graduating class size = 290
  • Grading scale = 4.0 (list weighted GPA)
  • Class rank = We do not rank
  • Honors + AP classes areNOT college level
  • PA + Honors Zoo are NOT dual enrollment

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