"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?"
-- Albert Einstein

"In any research, you must give credit to both the direct words and the ideas of your source."
-- BHS Works Cited Form

PDF DocumentBHS WORKS CITED FORM -- Based upon MLA format (see also OWL)
PDF DocumentBHS WORKS CITED w EASYBIB -- Step-by-step directions using EasyBib
PDF DocumentCopyright Okay Images Guide  -- How to find copyright okay images
PDF DocumentCRAAP -- A handy acronym to evaluate a source
PDF DocumentDatabases -- What they are and why you should them
External LinkEasyBib -- a fast, easy way to create your Works Cited form (MLA format)
PDF DocumentFight Fake News = Finding Credible Sources --Sites that offer balanced, true information
External LinkMeL eJournals -- Find a specific magazine by title or subject
External LinkOWL (Online Writing Lab) -- Purdue University shows how to do a research paper right.
External LinkParenthetical References -- How to "quote" sources within your paper 
PDF DocumentSource Sheet   -- An interactive form to use when taking notes. (When completed, be sure to Re-Name & Save OR Print.)
PDF DocumentWeb Site Evaluation Form  -- an interactive form that helps you to judge a Web Site's quality, authority, accuracy and usefulness.  (When completed, be sure to Re-Name & Save OR Print.)