Welcome to Berkley Building Blocks!

We believe that the future of our society depends on our ability to nurture optimal growth and development of every child. Our high quality early childhood programs develop strong partnerships with families to help prepare our students to become enthusiastic life long learners who succeed in school and life.

Our Programs

Infants | Toddlers | Preschool | Ready-K | Sunshine Club | ECSE

Infant room students follow a 5 day a week schedule. Young Toddler, Older Toddler and Preschool classroom students have an option to attend 2 days a week up to 5 days a week. Morning Preschool Sunshine Club meets Tuesday and Thursdays, Ready K meets Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

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6 weeks - 1 year
Classrooms: two infant classrooms, Early Head Start

The care your child receives during their first 12 months will impact their development into the future. Our infant care provides a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate curriculum to aid each child in growing to their maximum potential. Our infant classrooms provide your child a place to play, learn, discover and grow.

Our classrooms offer individualized schedules and curriculum where children feel safe and secure. Each child has a primary caregiver to ensure that he or she receives individualized and consistent attention. Our staff is trained to encourage and guide infants in exploring objects and surroundings as well as expressing themselves.


1-3 years
Classrooms: Young Toddlers (1-2 years), Older Toddlers (2-3 years), Early Head Start

Our toddler program is designed to guide each child through their transition from the sensory motor world to an increasingly social world and the onset of symbolic thinking. Nurturing and supporting social emotional development is one of our most important jobs.

Our classroom environment prepares children for academic excellence, allowing for child-choice and self directed play, small groups, brief circle-times with the whole group, reflection and documentation of learning experiences, and supportive teaching. Teachers foster trust in each child by interacting warmly, providing a consistent, well balanced daily routine, modeling and guiding behavior, and providing individualized attention and opportunities to socialize with peers.


3-5 years
Classrooms: Tuition, Ready-K, Sunshine Club,
GSRP, Head Start, ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education)

Our hands-on curriculum follows the State of Michigan Early Childhood Standards of Quality. The curriculum is devoted to all areas of development including physical, cognitive (including math and science), language/literacy/communication, interpersonal skills and relationships, creative arts, dramatic play, and construction.

We recognize that each child grows and develops at their own rate of speed. Our program provides opportunities for each child to explore and utilize self-selection activities and develop problem solving skills and, we support each child’s natural inclination to learn. The Building Blocks program is also coordinated with the Kindergarten curriculum to ensure that each child is prepared for years to come.


4-5 years
Mondays, Wednesday, Friday: 8:30-12:00 pm

Ready-K is designed by professionals to prepare preschool students for kindergarten. It offers children the opportunity to participate in activities designed to enhance the whole child. A carefully designed curriculum emphasizes social, emotional, physical, language and intellectual growth. The program will also provide many pre-reading and pre-writing activities.

Sunshine Club

Ages 3 to 4 years
Tuesday, Thursday: 8:30-12:00 pm

Sunshine Club is a program designed to promote learning and socialization skills in a relaxed environment. Children are encouraged to explore language arts, science, fine arts, and large and small motor activities in concrete hands-on ways.

Play Learn Connect

Ages 3-5 years

Our Preschool Playgroup is a program designed to promote learning and socialization skills in a relaxed environment. This program encompasses typically developing preschool students and preschoolers with special needs. In this diverse and equitable environment, children engage in learning, play and social development. 

ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education)

Ages 2.5-6 years

Early Childhood Special Education is a preschool program for children ages 2.5-6 years old who have special needs. Children may qualify for services including Speech & Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and School Social Work.

Children have opportunities to experience and participate in a range of activities including daily routines, play, language and literacy, music, fine motor development, sensory activities, media center/technology, gym, and playground. With the support of the ECSE Team, children can participcate and learn a their level.