Board of Education

Board of Education

The seven members of the Board of Education represent the community in educational matters.  These school district residents are elected to develop and monitor educational policies, approve goals and curriculum, oversee the budget and, in general, represent the community in matters affecting education.

Member Position Term Expires
Roger Blake President 2026
Keith Logsdon Vice President 2024
Mike Tripp Treasurer 2022
Sarah Mountain Secretary 2026
Sheryl Stoddard Trustee 2022
Mitchell Moses Trustee 2022
Ronald Justice Trustee 2024


The School Board Members are trustees primarily charged with the vision, budget, goals and policy for all children in the District. Any operational or staffing issues should be directed first to the person most able to address the problem (e.g. the teacher or building principal).  If the issue has not been resolved at the building level then contact the appropriate Central Office administrator.

Email all School Board Members.  Please note that any community email inquiries may be shared with other Board Members.  Please indicate within your email if you would like a response.  You will receive an email response within seven days of your email request.

 Lori Suarez

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