AMS Policies and Expectations

Student Behavior Expectations


  • All students show respect for other students, staff, and visitors to AMS at all times. 
  • Students use appropriate language at school and during school events. This includes use of profanity, racial, ethnic, or religious slurs, sexual orientation slurs, or other disrespectful remarks. Students who exhibit these behaviors will be handled with progressive discipline in accordance with the student code of conduct.
  • Students keep their hands to themselves to respect others personal space and avoid potential conflicts.
  • Students are in attendance everyday for school and arrive to all classes on time with all necessary books and supplies.
  • All students complete assigned work on time and to the best of his or her ability.

Tardy Policy

All students are expected to be on time to all of their scheduled classes with all necessary books and supplies. The doors in the morning open at 8:05 and students are expected to be in their 1st hour class when the bell rings at 8:15. Students who arrive to school after 8:30 must get a pass from the office before going to their first hour class.

For students who accumulate excessive tardies each term (10 or more), students will be referred to an administrator to determine the best course of action to remedy the tardies.

Remedies may include:

  • Meeting with the student individually or student and parent.
  • Detention(s) assigned
  • Time assigned to attend homework club.
  • Loss of extra-curricular privileges such as participation in sports, clubs, or other school related activities.

Any student who reaches 10 tardies 1st period will require a parent to sign them in in the morning for any tardy beyond the 10th tardy.  

Dress Code Expectations

AMS encourages students to dress in a manner that allows for the most individual comfort and freedom, while still maintaining the proper atmosphere in which to learn.

The following attire is not permitted at school or during school events:

  • Clothing which displays profanity or inferences which are inappropriate.
  • Clothing that displays or advertises alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, or violence.
  • Clothes that expose undergarments.  Pants must be worn at the waist and shirts must fully cover the upper body when standing or seated
  • Shorts and skirts which are overly revealing.
  • Tank tops with spaghetti straps and/or open sides
  • Dresses with speghetti straps and/or open sides
  • Crop tops which expose the midriff area.
  • Hats, head gear, or hoods (exception would be for religious purposes).
  • Coats and purses must be kept in lockers except for lunchtime.

If a student’s attire is in question of violating the dress code expectations, the teacher will send the student to an administrator who will make a final determination.

Electronic Device Expectations

Cell phones use by students is not allowed during the school day except during lunch time.  There may be times when teachers will allow cell phone use during class time for academic purposes.  This will be an individual teacher decision. 

  • During class time and passing time, all electronic devices, including cellphones, iPods, and headphones, must be kept in a student’s locked locker.  
  • Student use of cellphones during lunch is limited to personal use and may not be used to share information such as pictures or videos with other students or upload to social media. 
  • Any student who is found to have taken pictures or videos of other students during the school day and has shared this content will have his or her phone confiscated and may be subject to suspension from school. 

The consequences for violating these expectations will be as such:

  • 1st offense the device will be taken by the teacher and given back at the end of the hour.
  • 2nd offense, the device will be taken and given to an administrator and given back to the student at the end of the day
  • 3rd offense, the device will be taken, given to an administrator, and a parent will be notified to pick up the device.

Entry and Exit Before and After School

  • Students should enter through their designated grade level door no later than 8:05.
  • Students must exit the building by 3:45 and may exit out any door. 
  • Exceptions to this would be students staying for:
    • Sports practices or games
    • Meeting with a teacher
    • Participating in a club
    • Homework Club
    • Any other school related activity. 

Inclement Weather Policy

When there are inclement weather conditions such as rain, falling snow, and/or actual temperatures below 20 degrees, students are allowed to enter the building upon their arrival to school. Once students enter through their designated grade level door, they must wait in the hallway until the first bell rings at 8:05. Additionally, our Media Center is open for students to drop in Monday through Friday from 7:30-8:05, provided that they work on homework or read a book.