Flyers for Distribution

Please be aware that there are flyers from within the district regarding district sponsored events as well as flyers from outside of the district on this page.  For all events, please use the contact information found on the flyer for more information about the particular event. To add your flyer for distribution email Lori Suarez for approval.

Please note - all flyers submitted for approval need to be ready for ADA Section 508 Compliance. The District may not approve flyers that are not ADA ready. Not sure what ADA 508 Compliance means? Contact Jessica Stilger for clarification.

Community Flyers Approved for Distribution


A free-family event for School-Aged youth and up open to the public providing educational hands-on experiences in a friendly atmosphere. Information will be available about joining 4-H and exhibiting at the Oakland County Fair (July 8-22). 4-H Discovery Day is one of the most popular 4-H events of the year.


4-H Clubs and other community organizations often do different crafts and activities for school-age kids.

  • Animals (Goats, Chickens, Rabbits, and Dogs)
  • Crafts
  • Activities
  • Rock Wall
  • How to join 4-H clubs
  • Oakland County Fair opportunities
  • Horse Show
  • Food Trucks

For more information, visit the Oakland County 4-H Facebook Page

Visit the Berkley Parks & Rec Programs website to see all classes offered to the community. Their website has flyers for all events, too, if applicable.

Submit Flyer for Review

If you wish to submit a flyer for review, please send it to:

Lori Suarez
Superintendent's Office
Executive Assistant