We Love Reading Workshop!

Children become life-long learners by reading at school AND home.  Thank you for supporting your child and helping them achieve the goal of 300 minutes per week.  While most of their reading will occur in school, students will also need to read 150 minutes at home to meet the expectation.        

You are probably thinking, “That is a lot of reading!”  You are correct.  It is!  However, the children will be able to accomplish this by reading books that are written at the appropriate reading level. Children reading “just right” books typically read two-thirds of a page in a minute.

Reading Logs and Reading Reflection

Students should be documenting their at-home reading.  It may seem redundant, but your child analyzes their log each week.  For example, if a child has read at least 150 minutes at home and over 150 minutes at school but isn’t through a 175-page book, they can review the log to see where changes in their reading habits can be made.  Are they distracted when reading?  Are they choosing books that are too challenging? Is the book not interesting?


Each teacher has books in the classroom. Students will also visit the media center to check out books weekly.  They are also welcome to bring in books from home or go to the public library.  The important thing is that your child reads the same book at home and school, finishing one book before starting a new one.  

PDF DocumentNotebook Entry Guidelines
PDF DocumentFormula for a Good Reaction