January 23, 2023

Pattengill Students Share News with Pattengill Press

Pattengill Students Share News with Pattengill Press

Students in 4th grade at Pattengill Elementary had the opportunity to sign up to be journalists for the school paper, the Pattengill Press. Under the guidance of 4th grade teacher Lillie Zech, 21 students signed up to contribute to telling their school’s story. The Pattengill Press is sponsored through the Berkley Education Foundation’s Enrichment Program.

With so many students eager to join the club, Ms. Zech split the students into three groups. Each group of seven students meets once a week for six weeks to produce their edition of the paper. Students brainstorm what they’d like to report on, assign stories, interview people, create comics and assemble the paper. They also take submissions from students in other grades. 

As the stories come together, students work in a shared Google Doc to create the final Pattengill Press. They learn tech collaboration skills as well as practicing finding their voice through reporting.

Sadie, a member of the first group of Pattengill Press staff shared, “I really enjoy writing about things that are happening and entertaining people. The newspaper club is exactly what I like to do. Since it was a choice, I said ‘Yes!’”

Ms. Zech shared, “This club is an opportunity for student leadership. They also have a chance to write in a way they normally wouldn't in class and I like the creativity that they come up with.”

The students shared their audience is both the students and adults in the building. Group one published their edition on Wednesday, January 18 and they hope the Pattengill community enjoys it!

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