June 14, 2022

Berkley Education Foundation Sends 8th Graders on College Tour

Berkley Education Foundation Sends 8th Graders on College Tour

On May 25 and June 8, 2022, the Berkley Education Foundation sent all 8th grade students from Norup and Anderson to college. During this trip, students toured the University of Detroit Mercy (UDM).

Before embarking on a campus tour at UDM, students listened to opening remarks from an admissions counselor who talked about preparing for college, college life and answered questions from the students.

While on the campus tours students experienced different components and classes offered in the College of Engineering and Science as well as Architecture. 

During the Exploring Biology stop, students visited an engineering lab where a biology teacher shared many animal skulls with the students, talking about what scientists can learn from teeth structure and wear. 

During the Chemistry is Fun presentation, students enjoyed learning about the properties of liquid nitrogen, understanding the effects it has on other objects’ properties. During Anderson’s tour, students watched liquid nitrogen mix with hot soapy water and in doing so, explode bubbles. During Norup’s tour, the UDM Chemistry team made ice cream from liquid nitrogen and shared it with all the students.

During the Architecture visit, students visited the School of Architecture and learned about the design process, what an architect does and the many careers that architects can pursue. The Dean of Students had students focus in on what is designed all around them and the details that can’t be overlooked to make things and spaces function productively.

For Anderson’s tour, students also visited the new fitness center where they met with the Theatre department to practice moving intentionally and on queue.

Students returned to school and enjoyed a pizza lunch from the Berkley Education Foundation.

This annual trip to a college campus allowed students an early look toward a post-secondary future.  The Berkley Education Foundation's mission is to help maintain and enhance educational opportunities and programs for all Berkley students, and has been funding the #BerkleyDifference since 2000.

The BEF accepts donations to continue to fund the 8th grade college tours - every $150 raised sends 5 students on a tour. You can donate online.