September 29, 2022

International Day of Peace Celebrations Across the District

International Day of Peace Celebrations Across the District 

Rogers Elementary

International Day of Peace, a holiday that celebrates world peace, took place on Wednesday, September 21. Students at Rogers celebrated Peace Day for the entire day, beginning with the annual Peace Day assembly. This was the first whole-school assembly since September 2019.

Students heard stories of peace, the origins of the peace pole (and why Rogers has one in its courtyard), shared peace together with a handshake, fist bump or hug, heard poems about peace and sung many peace songs together. In addition, students shared how to say the word ‘peace’ in the language they speak at home or with their family, or from their heritage.

The crowd favorite was the song “Nothing More,” by the Alternate Routes. The song includes lyrics like, “To be humble, to be kind, It is the giving of the peace in your mind. To a stranger, to a friend... To give in such a way that has no end… We are how we treat each other and nothing more.” Rogers students shared the importance of kindness when speaking about peace including kindness to friends, family and classmates.

Angell Elementary 

Angell 5th Grade teacher Gale Tosto was inspired to bring an International Day of Peace celebration to Angell this school year. Mrs. Tosto organized an all school assembly. During the assembly, students learned the origins of International Day of Peace, and were treated to a performance by the 5th grade choir who performed “Peace Like a River” by Paul Jennings. The assembly concluded with a Peace Day affirmation that encouraged students and staff to spread peace everyday. 

In addition to the assembly, students had the option to participate in the International Day of Peace - Peace Crane Project. Mrs. Tosto connected Angell with Bangkok Prep in Thailand as part of a peace crane exchange. The Peace Crane Project is a global project to promote connection and peace amongst communities worldwide. The PTA hosted a crane making event on September 15th and all the cranes that were created will be shipped to Bangkok Prep.

Norup Kindergarten

Norup Kindergarten teachers Liz Reynolds and Kristina Scholl gathered students around Norup’s peace pole to learn about and reflect on International Day of Peace. Students wore peace day hats and enjoyed a reading of The Peace Book by Todd Parr.

According to the Peace Pole Project, the peace pole is a “symbol of the hopes and dreams of the entire human family, standing vigil in silent prayer for peace on earth.”