March 6, 2023

PTAs Celebrate Founders Day Together

PTAs Celebrate Founders Day Together

On Tuesday, February 28, at Club Venetian in Madison Heights, hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the annual Berkley Area PTSA Council Founders Day. 

Founders Day celebrates the founding of the PTA and the outstanding Berkley PTA members, teachers and staff persons of the year. The event included recognition for each PTA member, staff and teacher of the year, messages from Michigan PTA President Tracy Troy, Berkley Schools Superintendent Scott Francis and Berkley Area PTSA Council President Lindsay Gursky. Vince Gigliotti, Angell Principal, shared wonderful details about each honoree during the evening.

Educators of the Year

  • Abby Combs, Social Studies Teacher, Anderson Middle School 
  • Melissa Watkins, Kindergarten Teacher, Angell Elementary School 
  • Susie Sims, Social Studies Teacher, Berkley High School 
  • Stephanie Williams, Kindergarten Teacher, Burton Elementary School 
  • Devra Goldberg, 4th Grade Teacher, Norup International School PYP 
  • Carole Hoste, Band Teacher, Norup International School MYP 
  • Rachel Biederman, 4th Grade Teacher, Pattengill Elementary School 
  • Nikki Stone, Art Teacher, Rogers Elementary School 

Support Staff of the Year

  • Andrianna Winkelman, Custodian, Anderson Middle School 
  • Jesse Rosalas, Head Custodian, Angell Elementary School 
  • Kara Watson, Secretary, Berkley High School 
  • Erika Rizak, Secretary, Burton Elementary School 
  • Wayne Tumpkin, Head Custodian, Norup International School 
  • Jason Simmons, Paraeducator, Pattengill Elementary School 
  • John Getty, Head Custodian, Rogers Elementary School 

PTA Member of the Year

  • Heather Schneider, Anderson Middle School 
  • Debb Carlson, Angell Elementary School 
  • Rhonda Ross-Richter, Berkley High School 
  • Natalie Friedman, Burton Elementary School 
  • Bruce Corrigan-Salter, Norup International School 
  • Angela Williamson, Pattengill Elementary School 
  • Meghan Sanborn, Rogers Elementary School