February 2, 2024

63 Artists Participated in PTSA Reflections Art Contest - 16 Advance to State Level

63 Artists Participated in PTSA Reflections Art Contest - 16 Advance to State Level

This year, the Berkley Area PTSA Council participated in the 2023-24 National PTA Reflections art contest. The goal of the program is participation in and appreciation for the arts. This year’s Reflections theme was I am hopeful because…” Students of all ages were invited to create visual art, dance or literature connected to the theme. Berkley PTAs used independent judges to evaluate all entries and chose 16 to move on to the State level. 

On Wednesday, January 31, all artists who submitted their work were invited to a Reflections celebration at Berkey High School. 120 guests including 30 artists were in attendance to celebrate the creativity of Berkley Schools students.

In total, 63 students submitted for judging at the local level in the categories of literature, visual arts and dance.

Congratulations to the following students who were moved on to the State level judging:



Gigi Karavouzis: 4th grade, “My Place”

Visual Arts

Penelope Levine, 1st grade, “Love, Care, Togetherness”

Zoe McKeogh, 5th grade, “Wishing”

Lucy Meloche, 2nd grade, “The Joy of Nature”

Clare Pinch, 1st grade, “Dreams”

Phoebe Price, 3rd grade, “Let it Grow”



Maeve Roesser, 6th grade, “The Green Hill”

Visual Arts

Oli Blake, 8th grade, “I Am Hope for What The Next Generation Can Create”


Visual Arts

Chance Eaton, 5th grade, “Sports are Awesome!”

Marlee Eaton, 2nd grade, “Teachers and Friends”



Sophia Banyai, 4th grade, “That's Hope To Me”

Sawyer Sabo, 4th grade, “Wish Away”

Layla Watteny, 4th grade, “H.O.P.E.”

Visual Arts

Charlotte MacDonald, 5th grade, “A New Man”


Peyton Peasley, 5th grade, “Keep Climbing”

Katarina Rudowyj, 2nd grade, “Sunshine Sprinkles Down”

The 2024-2025 Reflections theme will be announced this spring and will include a photography category in addition to visual arts, dance and literature