February 9, 2024

BHS Teachers Shadow Students to Gain Insight into Student Life

BHS Teachers Shadow Students to Gain Insight into Student Life

In January, the New-to-BHS staff Maroon Cohort selected students to shadow and spent the day traveling through the school day much like our students do. They traveled to each class their student attends, engaged in course activities, and learned many of the routines that have been established in the various classrooms. 

Maroon cohort staff members are: Matt Breen (computer science), Frank Guglielmetti (science), Maddie Horvath (math), Kaleb Klein (health & PE), Kristi Magy (English), Logan Nadolski (social studies), Cheyenne Serrato (art), Joe Fredal (foods) and Joel Hunt (marketing).

Joe Fredal reflected upon the experience with, “Thanks to those that hosted us in their classes. It was especially helpful when we were able to be included in activities, as it provided us an opportunity to possibly feel the unease of being a high school student again.” 

Joel Hunt shared, “Not only did I get a glimpse into student life, I also got to observe different classroom practices and procedures.” 

Secondary Instructional Coach Angie Church shared, “Members of the Maroon Cohort reflected upon the experience together, connected this experience to the design of their own classrooms, and considered their next steps based on the ups and downs of day as a BHS student. This was a powerful experience for all who were involved.”