April 5, 2024

BEF Sends All 8th Graders on College + Career Tour

BEF Sends All 8th Graders on College + Career Tour

On March 20th and 22nd, the Berkley Education Foundation sent all 8th graders at Anderson and Norup on a College + Career Tour. Students visited both Oakland Schools Technical Campus (OSTC) Southeast and Oakland University to learn about possibilities for their futures. Students were split into two groups each day, and switched locations halfway through the day.

While at OSTC, students learned about programs offered in high school. OSTC programs are designed for any student who wants to graduate high school with industry certifications, on-the-job experiences, and college credits in programs like culinary, automotive technology, criminal justice, computer programming and health sciences. Students have the opportunity to take courses at OSTC while attending Berkley High School. One group enjoyed lunch that current OSTC culinary students made.

While at Oakland University students learned about admission requirements, college prep and life on a college campus. Students toured the campus grounds and buildings, learned about dorm life and one group had the opportunity to eat lunch in a college dining hall.

The Berkley Education Foundation provides this annual trip free of cost for students. The Berkley Education Foundation's mission is to help maintain and enhance educational opportunities and programs for all Berkley students and has been funding the #BerkleyDifference since 2000.

The BEF accepts donations to continue to fund the 8th grade college tours - every $150 raised sends 5 students on a tour. You can donate online, if you would like to support this initiative.

Watch this video to see inside the tour.