May 10, 2024

12 Berkley Students Receive Large Scholarships from Huntington Bank

12 Berkley Students Receive Large Scholarships from Huntington Bank

On Tuesday, May 7, twelve Berkley High School seniors were presented with scholarships from Huntington Bank. These scholarships were a collaboration between Huntington Bank and Berkley Schools. In the second year of this program, Huntington Bank Chairman of the Board of Directors Gary Torgow continued the collaboration and support with Berkley Schools. Mr. Torgow is a Norup alumni and is known for his generous support of local communities. 

The scholarship requirements included, among other things, students who exemplified leadership, were involved in their school community and were planning on attending a college, university or trade school upon graduation.

After conducting interviews with student scholarship candidates, Mr. Torgow committed $60,000 to Berkley High School students. 

Congratulations to the following students, who were surprised with their scholarship amounts at a small celebration on May 7.

$2,500 Scholarships

  • Ian Burmeister
  • Austin Daugherty
  • Sophia Mauad-Lima
  • Anniya Mcwhorter
  • Michael Onuoha
  • Jayla Pantoja

$5,000 Scholarships

  • Ava Long
  • Maya Sermo

$7,500 Scholarships

  • Jordan Rowan
  • Shamis Salih

$10,000 Scholarships

  • Mariah Jones
  • Courtney Walker