History and FAQs


February – March 2013

Renew Vision 2020 (District Long-Range Plan).

October – March 2014

Hire Integrated Design Solutions (IDS) to complete an independent and comprehensive academic spaces, facilities and technology assessment.

April 2014

Report IDS findings on to the community of approximately $120M in need. See full information and report here.

July 2014

Hire SHW now Stantec as architectural and engineering firm. Review IDS report and historical facilities documents.

September – October 2014

Stakeholders Committee. District creates 70+ person committee of community members, students and staff. Stantec leads Stakeholders Committee through seven meetings over two months to create a plan for facility and technology improvements.

October 2014

Hire McCarthy & Smith as construction management firm. McCarthy & Smith works with Stantec on Stakeholder Committee and refines costs for various suggested projects.

December 2014

Superintendent Dennis McDavid presents recommendation from Stakeholder Committee and administration to the Board of Education.

District team takes PQA document to the Michigan Department of Treasury that includes a refinement of plans, dollar amount and application for ballot.

January 2015

Board approves PQA (scope of work).

February 9, 2015

Board of Education officially approves ballot language for May 5, 2015 election.