Berkley Schools 2023 Bond Proposal: What If. Election Date: August 8, 2023


Facilities & Bond Work History Since 2014

2014 - District Commissioned a Facility Assessment Report

  • Report identified $120 million in needs/upgrades
  • District prioritized the identified work based on urgency

2015 - Bond Initiative on the May 2015 Ballot

  • Addressed $59 million of the $120 identified in the report. Including:
    • Plumbing, air conditioning, classroom paint and fixtures, classroom technology (sound systems, interactive projectors, computers), lighting, electrical, established Early Childhood Center, security upgrades, building additions (multi-purpose room/cafeteria at Norup, office additions at Burton and Pattengill, art room addition at Angell, music and art room addition at Rogers, a new infant wing at BBB, art wing construction at BHS) and repurposed the Tyndall Center for the Administrative Offices
  • Could not pay for salaries/benefits of employees

2018 - 3 mill Sinking Fund Ballot Initiative

  • Generates approximately $3,500,000 annually
  • Has funded many projects, including:
    • Roofing for all buildings, concrete replacement projects, technology infrastructure improvements, student devices, energy and security improvements, Anderson multi-purpose room, BHS locker room improvements
  • Facility assessments continued annually to ensure funding was tackling most urgent projects
  • Can not pay for salaries/benefits of employees, furniture and classroom supplies
  • In the 2023-24 school year, the Sinking Fund is scheduled to replace the Hurley Field turf and track as well as restrooms, concession area, sound system and press box shortly thereafter
  • Expires 2028

2021 - Facility Assessment Update

  • The District continued facility assessments to prioritize Sinking Fund eligible work and to understand needs throughout the District that were not addressed in the 2015 Bond 
    • Meetings with building administrators
    • Meetings with construction firm and architects
    • Evaluation against 2014 facility needs study to establish remaining scope
  • Highest need identified: Multi-purpose spaces, athletic spaces, performing arts, and technology

2022 - Finalizing the Scope

  • District team visited athletics and performing arts spaces in districts in the Metro Detroit area
  • Input from BHS administration, District administrative team, staff, Board of Education
  • Input from Superintendent's Student Advisory Board
  • Input from stakeholders: parents/guardians, booster groups, PTA representatives, staff members, administrators, community athletics groups