Berkley Schools 2023 Bond Proposal: What If. Election Date: August 8, 2023

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Why is this proposal happening now?

It’s time that our facilities matched our programming.

The 2015 Bond tackled urgent issues behind our walls and floors. It provided air conditioning and upgraded air filtration, which proved beneficial during the global pandemic. It added additions and classroom upgrades in crucial areas for all schools. It provided enhanced security measures. But, it wasn’t able to upgrade our athletics and performing arts spaces. It wasn’t able to provide multi-purpose spaces for all our buildings. It wasn’t able to provide new furniture district-wide. And while it did provide upgraded technology at the time, it is 8 years later, and it’s time for another tech upgrade. The 2015 Bond work is complete. It’s time to finish the scope that was established in 2014.

The 2023 Bond would touch every TK-12 classroom, many community spaces, and provide the opportunity for a full upgrade to our student and staff daily experiences. The longer the Bond initiative is not placed on the ballot, the longer the work to improve all spaces is delayed.


2014 - District Commissioned a Facility Assessment Report

  • Report identified $120 million in needs/upgrades
  • District prioritized the identified work based on urgency

2015 - Bond Initiative on the May 2015 Ballot

  • Addressed $59 million of the $120 identified in the facilities assessment report. Including:
    • Plumbing, air conditioning, classroom paint and fixtures, classroom technology (sound systems, interactive projectors, computers), lighting, electrical, established Early Childhood Center, security upgrades, building additions (multi-purpose room/cafeteria at Norup, office additions at Burton and Pattengill, art room addition at Angell, music and art room addition at Rogers, a new infant wing at BBB, art wing construction at BHS) and repurposed the Tyndall Center for the Administrative Offices
  • Could not pay for salaries/benefits of employees

2018 - 3 mill Sinking Fund Ballot Initiative

  • Generates approximately $3,500,000 annually
  • Has funded many projects, including:
    • Roofing for all buildings, concrete replacement projects, technology infrastructure improvements, student devices, energy and security improvements, Anderson multi-purpose room, BHS locker room improvements
  • Facility assessments continued annually to ensure funding was tackling most urgent projects
  • Can not pay for salaries/benefits of employees, furniture and classroom supplies
  • In the 2023-24 school year, the Sinking Fund is scheduled to replace the Hurley Field turf and track as well as restrooms, concession area, sound system and press box shortly thereafter
  • Expires 2028

2021 - Facility Assessment Update

  • The District continued facility assessments to prioritize Sinking Fund eligible work and to understand needs throughout the District that were not addressed in the 2015 Bond 
    • Meetings with building administrators
    • Meetings with construction firm and architects
    • Evaluation against 2014 facility needs study to establish remaining scope
  • Highest need identified: Multi-purpose spaces, athletic spaces, performing arts, and technology

2022 - Finalizing the Scope

  • District team visited athletics and performing arts spaces in districts in the Metro Detroit area
  • Input from BHS administration, District administrative team, staff, Board of Education
  • Input from Superintendent's Student Advisory Board
  • Input from stakeholders: parents/guardians, booster groups, PTA representatives, staff members, administrators, community athletics groups